Deceased Suspect In Shooting Of GOP Congressman ID'd, Was Sanders Campaign Volunteer

A rifle-toting USA man opened fire yesterday at about two dozen Republican lawmakers and staff holding a baseball practice ahead of a charity game, shooting a top Republican congressman and three others in a hail of bullets.

The man who opened fire on a baseball practice for Republican lawmakers on Wednesday appears to have purchased his guns legally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Thursday. Capitol police guarding the House majority whip then fatally shot Hodgkinson.

"At the post office, he would collect signatures for whatever he was working on", McClenahan said.

Authorities say it is too early to ascertain the gunman's motive, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into Hodgkinson's anti-Trump social media rants.

"I mean it was loud and I knew it was a high-powered rifle", Schaumleffel said. President Donald Trump said the alleged shooter succumbed to his injuries. Trump Jr. also expressed agreement with Harlan Hill, who blamed those "glorifying the assassination of our President".

"Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy, " he said.

But the shooting, which left four wounded, may prove to be a test for Sanders' progressive movement "and a moment for liberals to figure out how to balance anger at Mr. Trump with inciting violence", the Times' Yamiche Alcindor wrote.

Hodgkinson's anti-Republican stance was clear, not just on his own page, but in other Facebook groups.

Walsh said Hodgkinson was a home inspector, at one point describing him as a happy-go-lucky guy.

Timothy Slater, the FBI's special agent in charge of Washington, D.C., criminal investigations, said Wednesday that Hodgkinson was believed to have been living in a van in Alexandria since March.

"It was not threatening".

We would fail our democratic ideals to be so blinded by his politics when responding to his horrific actions.

You know, one question, Ari, is his mental and physical condition. According to the Guardian, Hodgkinson threw his daughter around a room, pulled her hair and hit her.

During the incident, Rep. Scalise was shot in the hip and remains in "critical condition" as of Wednesday afternoon, following an emergency surgery.

"My prayers are with my good friend and DC roommate, Steve Scalise, as well as the Capitol Police officers, Members, staff and all those affected by today's shooting", the statement said. The presence of those officers, Crystal Griner and David Bailey, likely saved lives.

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