In spite of tweet, lawyer says Trump not under investigation

CNN Anchor Cuomo clashed with one of Trump's lawyers Jay Sekulow over whether the president is under investigation for possible collusion with Russia

In spite of tweet, lawyer says Trump not under investigation

Donald Trump surprised many of his Twitter followers last Friday when the president came out and admitted that he's under a federal investigation in the fallout of Russian meddling in the presidential election and whether Trump's campaign played a role in it. Ledgett wrote a memo, according to the source, documenting a conversation in which the president allegedly urged Rogers to help get the FBI to lift the cloud of the Russian Federation investigation.

But the last time Comey assured Trump of that was March 30, and, as he acknowledged repeatedly in his testimony, he was always aware that could change. "He had been thinking about that as well".

The lawyer, Jay Sekulow, contended the tweet was not a confirmation of the investigation, but instead a response to a report in The Washington Post. "That's constitutional rights and protections under the president's authority as commander in chief". The top attorney also maintained that there can not be any investigation into Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey because the president had full constitutional authority to oust the agency head.

"Sekulow says that when people study the 2016 presidential election, they'll look back at Trump's communications as the most successful utilization of social media platforms and communication in our lifetime". To hear Sekulow tell it, if the president speaks to anyone who's passed a bar exam, that person should "respect the attorney-client privilege" and never divulge the contents of that conversation.

I've tried to look at this in the most charitable way possible. I don't tell him what to write or not write.

Whatever the reason, the Post report set off a wave of liberal celebrations over the imminent demise of the president. "Ah-hah!" they squealed, Trump has confirmed that he is under investigation.

"You don't mess with the criminal justice system in this way ... the President is on very tenuous ground here", Ben-Veniste told CNN's Don Lemon Friday.

He just recently became a public face for Trump's outside legal team, but Sekulow has been well known for decades as a legal advocate for conservative Christian causes. As for Mr. Comey, he remains a shrewd and calculating defender of the rule of law and its instruments, positioned to defend them against a president he sees as an unprincipled political opportunist in a highly unsafe time for the country. "He shared the opportunity to respond".

Meanwhile, Sekulow said Mueller does have a "sterling reputation in Washington D.C.", and if there are conflicts with people he's named to his staff, that will be addressed.

Some of Sekulow's exchanges with Wallace were tense and confusing, leading Wallace to say, "Oh boy, this is weird".

During Comey's June 8 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, where he testified that Trump pressed him to drop the FBI investigation into former White House aide Michael Flynn, Comey said, "Lordy, I hope there are tapes". He repeatedly insisted the president is not being investigated and Friday's tweet was meant to paraphrase media accounts.

Sekulow joined Trump's personal legal team, which includes Marc Kasowitz, Trump's go-to lawyer for years on both personal and business matters; Mark Bowe, who works with Kasowitz; and newly hired John Dowd, a well-known DC-based attorney.

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