MAP: Where Obamacare Repeal Would Hit The Hardest

Alan Leafman center president of Health Insurance Express Inc. helps Raquel Bernal right and her husband John Bernal both of Apache Junction Ariz. navigate

Obamacare architect weighs in on the Senate's replacement efforts

While the Senate's health care bill is shrouded in secrecy, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas let the cat out of the bag, revealing that "80 percent of what the House did, we're likely to do".

But, the threat extends well beyond that debate.

The proposed Medicaid cuts offer a clear example of the harm the Republican plan will do.

The messages criticized Hultgren's vote for the new health care act, stating that it would take health care away from 710,200 Illinoisans; that it would make premiums rise; that it would cut Medicaid by $834 billion; and that it could result in the shut down of rural hospitals.

"It's a nuclear weapon being pointed at our safety net", Frederick Isasi, executive director of FamiliesUSA, said. Deep divisions within the Republican Party have also led to a standoff, with conservatives demanding full ACA repeal and moderates pushing to keep safeguards for people with pre-existing conditions and insurance subsidies for middle class voters.

The next big announcement should come from the Congressional Budget Office, which plans early next week to score the bill for its impact on the budget and on future numbers of uninsured Americans. Medicaid could become a major source to pay for those cuts, Isasi observed.

Those factors include people covered by the Medicaid expansion that West Virginia implemented under President Barrack Obama's signature health care law that the new legislation would replace, as well as people struggling with drug addiction, Capito said. "At that point they are going to have a lot of leverage over moderate members".

"If you're a child is in a school system and you have an IEP (Individualized Education Program, a document developed for students with special needs), because you have a specified disability, the school systems are getting reimbursed by Medicaid for most of what they do for youngsters", he said.

Insurance plans for individuals might again start to look as they did in the days before Obamacare, when they typically excluded coverage for maternity, mental health and substance abuse, the health policy expert said.

Provides for a 1-year defunding of Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood, as does the AHCA.

We were not surprised at all. This lapsed coverage charge would be in addition to the premium and would make insurance unaffordable for many. It is signed by the CEOs and presidents of AmeriHealth Caritas, Blue Shield of California, CalOptima, CareSource, Gateway Health Plan, Healthfirst (NY), Inland Empire Health Plan, LA Care Health Plan, Molina Healthcare, and UMPC for You.

I think no one can predict where we are going with that.

The Senate provisions aren't expected to affect job-based health plans or Medicare for seniors. "But I understand that they are anxious about their tax situation".

We really do worry about the folks we're taking care of.

What's the health care issue or fight no one is talking about? .

Vancouver Chief of Staff Tom Hagley pointed to the district's high population of low-income families. But they can't afford to run the risk that lightning could strike. We will have no choice but to cut people off the program, reduce critical benefits, and slash provider payments.

Not explicitly. But it still gives insurers a potential way to shrink coverage for the chronically ill, albeit less obviously, said health law scholars.

Grassley accused Democrats of not wanting to be involved, but Democrats have rejected that idea and said they have asked to be included multiple times.

Jill Hale, the parent of a child living with cystic fibrosis, noted that caring for her daughter costs up to $350,000 annually, but it's the girl's quality of life she's most concerned about. It dismantles much of our existing health care system without offering a viable alternative.

There is a real bias in DC, only the smartest people live in the (capital) and all important things happen in DC. "But people pretty quickly pivoted to working together to making it work well".

The CDC's own immunization program received $324 million from the fund a year ago, dollars that were sent directly to states and local communities to improve immunization registries and infrastructure. Perhaps what we got in the ACA was the best we could do.

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