Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor verbally spar in first press conference

Conor McGregor F**k You Suit: Big Mouth Strikes Again

Conor McGregor claims he will knock Floyd Mayweather out 'inside four rounds'

Conor McGregor gestures to the crowd in Toronto during a promotional tour for his fight against Floyd Mayweather on August 26.

"They won't rule until after the fight". The two men are the biggest stars in their respective sports as much for their trash-talking abilities as their considerable accomplishments in their respective arenas.

Mayweather and McGregor move on to NY on Thursday on the third leg of their world tour before ending in London on Friday. Mayweather Promotions is the matchmaker of record, and his cable partner, Showtime, will handle the pay-per-view.

While McGregor was left to stand around on stage in Vegas waiting for Mayweather, this time they immediately went face to face after entering the arena until finally being separated by Dana White.

McGregor used the tax issue to needle his opponent at a news conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

"I always say to you guys, we continue to take the sport to the next level", White told MMAjunkie in June.

"You're a weasel... and nothing you do will stop me". Mayweather now has the edge with experience moving into this match.

Okamoto: McGregor lands an early combination with a comedic knock on Mayweather's "track suit", and a declaration that the pinstripes on his own (ahem, custom) suit are stitched expletives (which actually turns out to be true). You're 40 years of age.

Trump has been a supporter of mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

"And you act 10", replied McGregor.

Meaweather, who was clearly pissed by McGregor's comment, stopped shadowboxing and started to stalk towards the latter, who quickly changed his tune. He looks like a little 12-year-old breakdancer b****!

"This scheduled fight.is worth more than $100 million to this community for a fight like this on Cinco de Mayo".

Mayweather repeated his chants of "hard work" but the crowd were unimpressed. And they say I'm the mutha-fucker that can't read.

Total: 19-19 headed to NY.

Mayweather also said he "liked" McGregor, while McGregor retorted: "you love me".

After McGregor finished up, Mayweather had his chance to come back at "Notorious", but "TBE" relied heavily on his career accolades and money, which simply didn't do the trick this time around.

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