Health care hiring soars in June with 36500 new jobs

Association-based health insurance could have a lot of appeal for restaurants and other businesses with younger healthier workers

Health care hiring soars in June with 36500 new jobs

A new study strongly rejects the common GOP talking point that Medicaid enrollees are unhappy with their health care coverage, and that they would be better off buying private insurance or going without insurance altogether. Instead, they have fought tooth and nail to preserve the health care status quo that's failed so many Texans and people across the country. Republicans, however, are reportedly considering revisions to the bill that would keep some of the taxes in place, which would limit the savings for the wealthy.

Medicaid funding cuts, according to the CBO analyses and examinations by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, would be achieved with the termination of the enhanced match given to states that accepted Medicaid expansion funds made available through the ACA the program, and per capita-based caps on future Medicaid payments.

Even with these gains, jobs in the health care sector are growing at a slower pace compared to past year. Likewise, offering better, more-coordinated mental health resources is also critical to creating healthier communities while lowering overall costs in the long run. Using this statistic to attack the plan is incredibly disingenuous. Medicaid covers opiate addiction treatment for many patients. The fate of this plan is in doubt due to disagreement among Senate Republicans and much unhappiness with the bill among constituents and health industry stakeholders who are making their voices heard.

The House of Representatives struggled to pass a repeal and replacement plan earlier this year, until they came up with some amendments that would pull in enough yes votes, and the Senate is now expected to do the same.

The effects on specific households could vary, however. When Deamonte complained of a toothache, his mother tried to find a dentist who would take Medicaid.

Republican governors control most of the 19 states that haven't expanded Medicaid, but 11 GOP governors have expanded and want to protect the program.

Those subsidies would become less generous for many in the lower middle class, while for the upper middle class as a whole, the bill would be a wash.

Hochul said only the ultra-rich would benefit from the plan, receiving, on average, a $37,000 tax cut. Whether it is a tax or a premium it is still a cost to each individual. So we see that when you have less coverage, you're paying a premium that is maybe 20 percent less, but now you've got more co-insurance and deductibles so your total out of pocket experience is going to be a lot more with a skimpier plan. The Commonwealth Fund estimated that the House bill would cause 5,300 job losses along with a $500 million loss to the gross state product over the next 10 years.

Those provisions might not be excessively expensive, and similar ideas have garnered bipartisan support in the past, Blumberg said. She said she's happy being lieutenant governor, though, and does not foresee a rematch.

I heard from one small business owner in Donna who was faced with an unthinkable decision: fire four employees just to comply with Obamacare's mandates, or owe the government more than $100,000 in fines that could bankrupt his business.

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