Jaguar E-Pace Barrel Rolls Its Way Spectacularly Into Record Books

Jaguar E-Pace launch countdown LIVE - New SUV price, specs and design to be revealed

Jaguar E-Pace

The Jaguar E-Pace has officially been launched. The crossover and SUV space is the main point of growth in the auto industry right now, far more popular than the sedan and relative niche coupe and convertible spaces that Jaguar traditionally played in.

The 249PS model completes the 0-62mph sprint in seven seconds while the top 300PS version will achieve it in 6.4 seconds. Jaguar even recruited Land Rover to help develop All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) a low-speed cruise control that will get you out of a pinch on slippery surfaces such as ice or wet grass or on steep ascents and descents.

The E-Pace renders some of the cues of Jag's bigger SUV on a shorter body, though the two are built on different architectures.

The interior also gets all the latest tech JLR has been packing into its products these days, with the added bonus of more than one USB port.

The Land Rover derived platform has resulted in the transversely mounted engines, The E-Pace will be the first Jaguar to be manufactured outside of the United Kingdom, instead being built by Magna-Steyr in Austria due to the British facilities being at capacity. Transmissions for the E-Pace will mostly be courtesy of a nine-speed automatic, but a six-speed manual option will be offered as well. Clients may select between three diesels rated at 150PS, 180PS, and 240PS, or a pair of petrol motors rated at 246PS and 296PS respectively.

Demonstrating the agility, precision and performance of Jaguar's newest SUV, the feat was the final test for E-PACE after 25 gruelling months of work across four continents to ensure extreme durability and that it lived up to Jaguar's Art of Performance philosophy. The E-Pace SUV will sit below the F-Pace in the product lineup and will arrive in the global markets in 2018. Typical of a Jaguar, its looks and dynamic ability will be its strengths but the E-pace won't compromise on practicality and usability either, claims design chief Ian Callum.

THE wraps have been pulled off the hotly-anticipated Jaguar E-Pace.

There will also be 132kW and 177kW versions of the same diesel engine, while the petrol engine outputs either 183kW or 221kW in what is likely to be the range-topping version costing around $85,000.

Despite Jaguar's dangerously similar naming scheme, don't confuse this vehicle with the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace, as the E-Pace doesn't sip electrons.

It won't though be built in the United Kingdom, but in Austria, with China starting to produce later next year. "(Instead) it gave us something really quite unique; it's playful and youthful in a way that I think a scaled down F-Pace maybe wouldn't have delivered". With the E-Pace, they're very sleek and feline, just as is the case with the F-Type.

Some of the E-Pace's design cues, such as the headlights and fascia, were taken from the F-Type sports vehicle. This is because the United Kingdom plant is running at capacity and won't be able to churn out the expected six-figure annual production run of the E-Pace. Jaguar has resisted the temptation to consign the heating and ventilation controls to a touchscreen submenu and says the physical dials for these functions are inspired by a camera lens. Even though, it is yet to enter production phase, the concept was very promising and allowed visitors at the Los Angeles auto show to get a good idea of the type of vehicle to expect.

Based on an evolution of Land Rover's LR-MS platform (that, itself, is loosely based on Ford's EuCD platform that underpinned the last-gen Mondeo), the E-PACE mounts its engines transversely benefitting interior space.

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