Letter to the editor:Health insurance under 'Trumpcare'

Sen. Susan Collins R-Maine speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington

Letter to the editor:Health insurance under 'Trumpcare'

That would be a good step toward repairing a broken Congress and making health care more affordable and accessible for every American. Of those 15 million would lose Medicaid. People with asthma simply can not risk going without health insurance. The current chaos in Washington makes it that much more hard. America's uninsured rate has dropped to its lowest point in 50 years, millions more Americans have access to a doctor and do not risk financial ruin when they get sick or injured.

I urge readers to call their Senators and urge them to oppose any legislation that will deprive the citizens of Missouri of meaningful health care coverage. "It will not reduce the cost of health insurance for older residents", said Barbara Kim Stanton, the AARP Hawaii state director.

If passed, the health care legislation now before the U.S. Senate will profoundly affect the life of every person in this country, and one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

She said she believes repealing the current health care will cause "ripple effects" in the community and will hurt rural hospitals like Adventist Medical Center by flooding their emergency rooms with people. Nursing homes average almost $90,000 per year, without Medicaid, millions of older adults and families would be financially overwhelmed if these services were limited or no longer available. Capping Medicaid would force states to make devastating cuts in order to stay afloat financially - scaling back the benefits our children need, cutting people from the program or otherwise making it no longer meet the needs of the population it's meant to serve.

"All you have to do is threaten to defund the subsidies", he said Thursday on a panel in Helena organized by the Montana Nurses Association to discuss the bill. And if we pass our bill they say several states will discontinue the Medicaid they already have in place", he said."But they can't tell you what states.

It would also remove 22 million people from insurance coverage, increase deductibles and raise costs for the elderly and those with illnesses or disabilities.

Similar to projections for the House bill, the BCRA would initially add jobs-in its case, 753,000 in 2018.

Those who manage to stay insured would find their insurance is less useful.

In Hawaii previous year, Medicare covered 224,880 Hawaii residents, about 16 percent of the state's population.

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