Sydney's Chinese community remembers Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo

Taiwan Leader Calls Liu Xiaobo A Rights Warrior

Pressure mounts to rename Chinese embassy address after Liu Xiaobo

Liu, a former figurehead of the 1989 democratic movement of Tiananmen Square, was honoured with the Nobel peace prize for "his long nonviolent struggle for fundamental human rights in China".

Xiaobo would spend the next three decades in and out of prison until his death from liver cancer while serving an 11 year sentence for "subversion".

Liu Xiaobo was not the charter's main author - but of its roughly 300 signatories, he drew the heaviest punishment. Hu said he was under house arrest to prevent him from travelling to Shenyang. "Instead, we talked more about things like books we love, such as the Japanese novelist Yasunari Kawabata", she said. But he had no comment when asked whether Guterres had a view on whether Liu, China's most prominent political prisoner, should have been allowed to travel overseas for treatment or about his wife.

"Despite the imprisonment and separation from the wife he adored that could have fueled anger and bitterness, Liu Xiaobo declared that he had no hatred for those who pursued and prosecuted him", Zeid said.

Ai told The Associated Press in Germany on Wednesday that he has been friends with Liu since the 1980s.

"Although he is no longer living, the rest of us can best pay honour to Liu Xiabo by carrying forward the principles he has long embodied, which would lead to a more harmonious, stable and prosperous China", the Dalai Lama added.

"I think it is ill-mannered and quite provocative that the prime minister uses words such as "deep grief" when she heard about Liu Xiaobo's death", said Eide, who is standing as a candidate with the Socialist Left Party at this year's general election. She said it was her duty to accurately reflect them to the central government in Beijing.

She was an effervescent young poet, painter and photographer; he a public intellectual. We must not forget the "foot soldiers" in the Chinese repressive apparatus who were accomplices: Jia Lianchun, the president of Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court, his assessors Zheng Wenwei and Zhai Changxi, and the prosecutors Zhang Rongge and Pan Xueqing, who were all happy to convict Liu Xiaobo in a trial lasting just two hours.

He said he has no information about her current situation.

The hospital where he died held a rare news conference on July 13 to explain the medical treatment afforded to Liu during his final days.

Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert said Friday that Germany has supported a "humanitarian solution" for the couple "and that will not end from one day to the next with the very regrettable death of Liu Xiaobo".

The overseas-based Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) network called on the worldwide community to turn the focus of their campaign to Liu Xia. "I would say there are worries, there are anxieties, there is a strong perception over individual isolated incidents, but unless you've got evidence to prove there are clear breaches then it will remain at the level of anxieties and perception", Lam said, without elaborating.

"I am deeply anxious about what's happening with her right now", Genser told CNN, adding that it would be hard for the government to still justify holding her without charges.

Sometimes the posts would sink into melancholy: "Why do we have to live this kind of life?" she wrote on June 16, 2010. She suffers from depression.

Her father died last year, and her mother died earlier this year.

Liu looked out, but didn't see him. She did say, however, police were still investigating the booksellers' cases. "She looked so lonely".

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