What Is OJ Simpson in Jail for? Find Out!

Ron Goldman Autopsy Report

Ron Goldman Autopsy Report

Simpson will learn Thursday at a highly anticipated parole board hearing in Nevada whether he'll soon be able to leave prison.

O.J. Simpson might be released from prison as soon as October 1 after his parole hearing at 1pm ET tomorrow-but his time behind bars hasn't exactly been grueling, one retired correctional officer told USA Today.

O.J.is eligible for parole now, nine years into a 33-year sentence on convictions for armed robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy in a Las Vegas hotel room. Simpson's other children are Jason Simpson, 47, of Atlanta, daughter Sydney Simpson, 31, and Justin Simpson, 28, both of Florida.

In the robbery, Simpson took hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from two men.

Simpson was arrested on September 16 and later admitted being in the room and retrieving the items.

O.J. Simpson is taken into custody after being found guilty during his 2008 trial in Las Vegas.

Fromong himself wants Simpson paroled, telling Inside Edition Wednesday "he's done his time", and he will appear in front of the parole board on Simpson's behalf.

Simpson's lawyer, friends and prison officials say that hasn't changed. He worked for more than 22 years in Nevada prisons as a guard, caseworker, analyst and associate warden. He was acquitted of that crime during a 1995 trial.

He has been more or less a model prisoner, according to reports - except for the cookie incident.

The former star of the league of american football (NFL) and actor had been sentenced in October 2008 to a sentence of nine to 33 years in prison.

O.J. Simpson has a parole hearing scheduled for Thursday afternoon, and the possibility of early release is on the table. A decision should come shortly after the hearing.

"I didn't want to do it", she told ABC News in a 2016 interview. He surrendered to authorities after leading police on a slow speed chase watched by millions on TV, as was his subsequent trial for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

"I didn't know I was doing anything illegal, so I'm sorry", Simpson said at the time. He's been told there will be media tents outside, pool reporters in his room and the Carson City hearing room, and cameras sending a live feed to the media outside.

The case, which featured a colorful cast of seedy characters, secret recordings and a Las Vegas heist, read like a low-budget parody of "Ocean's 11", CNN wrote at the time. In 2013, they granted Simpson parole on five of the 12 charges, so most believe it more likely than not that he will be freed. "I expect he'll probably be paroled". Simpson's acquittal seemed to confirm that the rich, famous and powerful have the deep pockets to hire a small army of high priced, high profile attorneys, expert witnesses, experts, and investigators who routinely mangle the legal system to stall, delay, and drag out their cases, and eventually allow their well-heeled clients to weasel out of punishment.

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