Alert: Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Has No Plans to Wear a Wedding Dress

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay may have made a mistake with her final pick

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This may have been a first for the franchise-but it ultimately ended like the seasons before.

Luckily, all three will drop by for the night's live special to reflect upon their journey. We will also hear Rachel give a play by play during the live show with Chris Harrison.

Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo as her victor on Monday night's finale of "The Bachelorette"-and said an ecstatic yes to his marriage proposal". Her eyes light up the second they glimpse Peter, including during what had to be the terrifying moment when he joined her on stage during a live portion of the 3-hour show, which spliced typical After the Final Rose commentary in between segments showing how the bummer of a conclusion was reached. Bryan picks a diamond ring, walks up a long hill to a castle where Rachel waits with a rose in hand. The couple is now engaged. Anyway, Bryan proposed and Rachel accepted. Rachel professed her love and sureness of their future to him, and he was basically jumping up and down. "It's just the truth". "He gets to meet all of her friends and non-'Bachelor' people too".

"I don't think this show is for you".

This caused an uproar on social media, with some ridiculing Rachel and her decision to go with a ring instead of the man of her dreams.

They talk about family week and hometowns; he feels it went pretty well and he handled himself pretty good. Peter spends the night in the Fantasy Suite, and they appear the next morning like a sexual version of the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Rachel was hell bent on being engaged, but Peter was always keen to avoid asking the question.

I want to shut off #TheBacheloretteFinale but I'm still scarred from going to sleep immediately after La La Land won for Best Picture.

The final rose was left for Bryan, whose proposal was the one that Rachel said yes to. And with Bryan Abasolo, things come a lot more easy. I love you baby!

'Now we get to start the rest of out lives, ' Bryan said.

It seems nearly like Bryan was Rachel's second choice after a few emotionally confusing days with Peter, which is sad to think about given how sweet Bryan was throughout the show and how strong their connection was. Rachel asked. "Because my past has shown me that it won't. And for the first time, I stopped running away from it, and I was like, 'Why can't you have what you want?' And that was Bryan". At one point during the season, she had an emotional breakdown because of the weight of her responsibility as the first. "I just feel like I'm making a big mistake".

The two said a winter wedding might be in the offing-but want to get to know each other out of the spotlight first.

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