Apple seems to have inadvertently leaked the shape of the new iPhone


Apple seems to have inadvertently leaked the shape of the new iPhone

For people craving information about the iPhone 8, the firmware for Apple's upcoming HomePod speaker remains the gift that keeps on giving.

Troughton-Smith said to have analysed the program, and inside it, he found a mention of a "face detect operation".

Smith also says he sees nothing that even hints at the iPhone 8's rumored function area, leading him to believe that it's just standard screen space.

The developers, among others have been tearing apart the code in the HomePod, a new speaker system announced by Apple early last month. We already saw how ugly such screenshots can be on a new phone that has an all-screen design and a top camera cutout like the iPhone 8. Digging through the information in the firmware reveals that the iPhone 8 will indeed include the ability to unlock the device with facial recognition.

All of this basically means the iPhone 8 will be a lot sleeker than the phone that came before it.

According to Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo, the HomePod's firmware contains references to BiometricKit, the software for the next iPhone's infrared face-scanning functionality.

iPhone 8 Leak: The HomePod firmware leak also reveals some details about the iPhone 8, BGR notes.

As we all know, there have been lots of leaks about the iPhone 8 and it has seemed to become nearly fashionable to "reveal" something about the new device.

The resolution of the still unannounced iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro is also expected to be as much as a visual leap forward from the current-generation iPhone as the jump to the iPhone 4's retina display was.

You know how Apple is big on secrecy and how the company has employed a team of highly skilled former intelligence officers to combat internal leaks?

'As the new OLED iPhone won't support under-display fingerprint recognition, we now do not expect production ramp-up will be delayed again (we previously projected the ramp-up would be postponed to late October or later)'.

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