Eric Bigger Thinks Rachel Lindsay Picked Her 'Rebound' Bryan Abasolo

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Rachel eventually got engaged to Bryan.

On Monday night, 8 million people tuned in to watch Peter and Rachel's emotional split, one day before she said "yes" to Bryan Abasolo.

"Peter did say that he would propose at the end", she said.

What do you think: Should Peter Kraus become the next star of The Bachelor? . (Sometimes, two people get dumped.) But the breakup between Rachel and her runner-up, Peter Kraus, was one for the ages. She hands me a peach colored rose, and when I tell her how much I enjoyed her season (even though I didn't, always), she genuinely appears relieved. Rachel's sights aren't set too high if she's willing to court that many men in such a short amount of time in the hopes that one of them will be THE ONE.

For more on "The Bachelorette" finale, watch Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo's full interview on Build Series below. Rachel wasn't having it, particularly because she had recently been in a five-year relationship that didn't lead to an engagement.

Next up is Bryan's date and they go horseback riding in a vineyard and ride up to a private picnic for just them.

During a press call on Tuesday, Kraus said he would "consider" the opportunity if it presented itself, but right now, he isn't thinking about it, as "this entire process has been really tough". He's a good fit and they seem very happy. "I think he'd be fantastic".

"That was stupid of me to say", he said.

"I [wasn't just] talking about [being the] Bachelor, just, you know, you have to take a leap of faith, and I struggled with that, and I thought Peter and I had that similarity".

"I felt a little bit of manipulation there", Rachel told Entertainment Tonight of her relationship with Peter, adding that his fans "have no idea" what went on behind the scenes of their relationship.

Peter already apologized to Rachel for his harsh words and admitted that he was just in the heat of the moment. When asked if that would be something he would be interested in, Peter revealed that he would have to think long and hard about the decision if he were to be approached to be the new leading man. "But I think Bryan deserves her more". Bryan was ready to propose; he asked Rachel's mom for her blessing. "So if it wasn't a proposal, then you're out, which I get", Eric told Ben and Ashley on their podcast. So truly, where do individuals see things going from here? "I'm going to let Rachel handle all the details of the wedding". I was very apologetic for it. "Bryan you have shown me a love that I've never had before".

Facebook/TheBachelorA new bachelor has yet to be chosen.

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