Singer Taylor Swift says DJ subjected her to very long, intentional grope

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Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 2017 DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night Concert. Kevin Winter Getty Images

Swift, questioned repeatedly about how she was groped, testified that "it was a definite grab".

He says he didn't ask that Mueller be fired and instead requested "appropriate action be taken".

In 2015 Mueller, filed a lawsuit against Swift for defamation, claiming that his termination from the station was unlawful and harmed his future job prospects. He is now seeking $3 million for the damage caused by the entire episode. Bell is a co-defendant. Swift then countersued for assault and battery.

"I hope Taylor Swift wins this trial/ There's no excuse for any sexual abuse". Following this incident, Swift and her team raised a complaint with Mueller's bosses, who promptly fired him.

Swift alleges that former KYGO disc jockey David Mueller inappropriately touched her a backstage meet-and-greet in 2013. According to Swift, the photo is a "smoking gun".

"But in his opening statement, Baldridge told jurors that Swift is "absolutely certain" she was sexually assaulted by Mueller, and the photo is "damning" proof of it". Swift's bodyguard and Simbeck are listed as potential witnesses.

The singer's mother said she and her daughter's managers chose to tell Mueller's bosses that he had assaulted the singer, hoping he would be fired but not asking them to do so. "It was just destroying her", the elder Swift testified.

But David McFarland, his lawyer, insisted his client's hand "is not underneath Miss Swift's skirt, and her skirt is not rumpled in any fashion". The photo was taken at a meet-and-greet event after a 2013 concert.

The DJ has admitted that the picture is "weird and awkward" but testified "My hand was at rib-cage level and apparently it went down".

"The sass that Taylor showed today, were she a black woman could have very well been perceived as aggressive and combative in a courtroom.This doesn't take away from Taylor standing up for herself, of course not".

Rick Sallinger was in court for the news network CBS4 in Denver.

"Wednesday's testimony was delayed while the judge held a closed hearing with both sides to discuss unspecified evidence".

David Mueller is a former radio show host.

Swift said a photo of the alleged assault, sent by a Swift liaison to Robert Call, the general manager of the radio station Mueller worked for, showed the exact moment that Mueller groped her.

Social media lit up at Swift's words. For women it presents a very different situation.

The country and western DJ is suing Swift for at least $3m (£2.3m) in order to clear his name and recover lost earnings. Often, sexual assault victims are accused of simply trying to find a way to cash in for attention is one big misogynistic opinion we have to let go of. To answer to the $3m suit, Taylor counter-sued Mueller for only $1, because she wants to set an example for other women who have been molested.

She also rejected Mueller's contention that he may have touched her somewhere less inappropriate.

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