'The Dark Tower' Review: What The Hell Happened?

Wishing America a good morning... The star appeared on Monday's episode of GMA

Wishing America a good morning... The star appeared on Monday's episode of GMA

Variety has sources detailing clashes between director Nikolaj Arcel, Sony Pictures, and Media Rights Capital (MRC).

The Dark Tower is in cinemas August 18. These types of early screenings are an important aspect of the filmmaking process and allow people to tell the studio directly what they liked and didn't like about the film they've just been shown. (You can see the Horn Of Eld poking out of Roland's bag, but only if you spend the entire movie looking for it.) Practically speaking, this makes it ideal for newcomers, although purists might have a hard time forgoing what they know of canon to embrace a new version of the world they love.

"The Dark Tower" directed by Arcel and based off the popular Stephen King book series, follows a young Jake Chambers, played by Tom Taylor, as he seeks to prove himself sane by searching for the truth behind the odd dreams he's been having. Its scope and running time have seemingly been reined in to keep "The Dark Tower" from completely toppling. Stephen King has written eight "Dark Tower" novels over 25 years, and now that "The Dark Tower" the movie has arrived - prelude to "The Dark Tower" the TV series - the books' many partisans are busy parsing what made it into the feature and what got left out. The Dark Tower saga is weird and complicated, after all, so it would make sense that condensing it into a movie would also be weird and complicated.

Idris Elba, as Roland, and Tom Taylor, as Jake, share a scene in "The Dark Tower".

Julia Alexander from Polygon called The Dark Tower "an example of how not to approach an adaptation", saying that it's "almost sinful that none of the unique story and world building King accomplished comes through".

The premise behind The Dark Tower is intriguing and, although King has already proven it's an engrossing story, the movie never catches up. The movie could be good, we don't know yet, but this definitely sounds too many cooks; even if they get there in the end, there is no way this was smooth sailing.

Given that The Dark Tower is supposed to kick off a TV series, due to appear next year, the reception so far isn't too encouraging.

For two weeks now, Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk has been topping the box office but its time will soon be over with the coming of The Dark Tower.

In the movie, which is directed by A Royal Affair helmer Nikolaj Arcel, Idris Elba portrays the character of Roland Deschain aka the Gunslinger. The bigger issue: "How could a film with Elba and McConaughey have so little swagger?" asks critic Darren Franich. I could not be more excited to tell this story.

Interestingly, Matthew 6:22 is the same verse that McConaughey has engraved on his wedding band - a nod to the person who brought him back to his Christian faith. Gradually, we learn that Jake continues to have visions of The Man In Black and Roland Deschain/The Gunslinger (Idris Elba), while noticing that people around him seem to be unusual creatures disguised as humans.

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