'UN must put pressure on North Korea to de-escalate nuclear tensions'

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Trump hits McConnell for Senate crash of Obama health law repeal

Following Trump's remarks, North Korea on Wednesday said it was "carefully examining" plans for a missile attack on the US Pacific territory of Guam, which is home to a large US military base.

Anchor: Japan has said that it could intercept North Korean missiles headed towards Guam if they pass over the Japanese territory. In 2013, state media cited leader Kim Jong Un as having ordered his military to prepare plans on launching strikes on USA military bases in Guam, Hawaii and South Korea as well as the American mainland.

Pyongyang said the plan, which will be sent to leader Kim Jong Un for approval in the next week or so, would call for the missiles to fly over Japan and strike into the Pacific about 10 to 25 miles from Guam.

"I will do my best to secure our people's lives and property", Abe said without elaboration. The tiny island hosts a U.S. Coast Guard Group, a Navy installation, and an airbase.

North Korea has announced plans to fire missiles near the U.S. territory of Guam. If the negotiations with the U.S. result in payloads on the 800-km missiles being increased to 1 ton, they will probably be used in the Korean Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) plan, which is created to retaliate against a provocation with a direct hit on the North Korean leadership.

But Trump said Friday that millions of Americans support their president "sticking up" for the US and its allies.

US President Donald Trump's warning to North Korea and Pyongyang's threat of possible armed retaliation drove investors away from stocks and other risky assets on Wednesday and into textbook safe-havens like gold and Treasuries.

Experts said the detail provided by North Korea made it likely it would follow through with its plans to avoid being seen as weak or lacking in resolve.

Even though Kim threatened to unleash "enveloping fire" by lobbing four missiles nearby, Guam officials want to allay fears of an Armageddon by touting the island's idyllic scenery and secluded beaches.

Trump says tens of millions of Americans support his tough position on North Korea's nuclear threat. "I think it will take more missile tests and more nuclear tests to have any confidence in such a design".

HU: Hartz says something feels more serious about the latest North Korea scare.

Visitors from Korea were up 25 percent, while USA mainland visitor arrivals were up 14.9 percent over past year. Japan and South Korea vowed a strong reaction if the North were to go through with the plan.

Investors' unease over escalating tensions between the US and North Korea had weighed on stocks earlier in the day, pushing gold and bond prices slightly higher.

The US military has said it plans to increase its presence on the island and will move thousands of Marines now stationed in Japan to the territory between 2024 and 2028.

Experts also note that an attack against the US territory would nearly certainly provoke a massive backlash that would likely lead to the long-ruling regime's destruction. They threatened US, other countries, and they threaten Guam.

The US stationed some of its atomic weapons in the South following the 1950-53 Korean War, but withdrew them in 1991 when two Koreas jointly declared they would make the peninsula nuclear-free.

The way to avert a war with North Korea is to have a conversation, and that's not happening, Hecker said.

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