Amazon set to improve lives with new hardware products

Amazon Echo Show

Surprise, Inc Event Reveals New Echo and More

The launch highlighted the importance of Echo and Alexa products to the company. The Echo Spot, a clocklike device with a video display, and a new version of Fire TV also made appearances. "It boasts an attractive 2.5" touchscreen, a built-in camera and, of course, alarm clock functionality.

The company has unveiled the two variants of the smart speaker, i.e., Echo Plus and Echo Spot.

Once everything is set up, you can use your Echo speaker to make hands-free calls using your home phone. The new device has what Amazon calls, "enhanced 360-degree omni-directional audio", and smart home setup is handled through Alexa voice commands instead of an app. Then there were tiny Echo Buttons to be used for trivia or games at $20 a pop, and even a $35 Echo Connect gadget to turn your home phone line into an Alexa-powered speaker phone. Recently, for example, he added a smaller and cheaper Echo Dot, an Echo Show with a touch screen, the Echo Look that helps with your selection of clothes and the Dash Wand that assists you in your super purchases. The Spot is available for pre-order now and is expected to launch on December 19. Both the Amazon Echo and Echo Connect will be available to pre-order starting today and goes on sale later this year.

For the baby boomers, Amazon is also launching the Echo Connect in Q4.

"See the weather, watch video news briefings, glance at your alarm clock, check on your kids, and more-we think customers will find lots of places for Echo Spot in their homes". Echo Plus will be bundled with the smart light, price of Echo Plus is $149,99. The original Echo speaker debuted back in 2014 so its time for an update anyway.

It is clear that Amazon has gone way beyond the Smart home with Echo and clearly is building a massive ecosystem of products at an unbelievably fast rate. However, while the Fire TV outputs Dolby Atmos, that same again is not available with Apple TV 4k. A new Fire TV with 4K and HDR for $69.99 was also revealed. It allows you to connect your landlines to Alexa, allowing you to make voice calls over the landline. Alexa gadgets called Echo Buttons that now are created to play games with your Echo speaker.

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