Baylor professor on the responses to National Football League protests

Dan Gilbert received racist voicemails following LeBron's Trump tweet

Dan Gilbert Says Cavs Have Received Racist Phone Calls Since LeBron Called Donald Trump a 'Bum'

"He is setting up the ugliest kind of tension you can", Cuomo added.

"I was just driving and I saw protesters, and for me, it was like, it could be risky to walk in front of people because you never know what people are thinking", Bennett said Thursday.

Donald Trump disagrees with me.

After spending several days reading views from both sides, I came across a decades-old quote from legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi that really got my attention.

Oh my, we have reached peak racial demagoguery.

The protests began after then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the National Anthem previous year, telling NFL media he was "not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color". Kaepernick is now without a team, but many other players have followed suit, kneeling, sitting, standing while linking arms, or staying off the field altogether during "The Star-Spangled Banner". "And I saw this a year ago with [then-San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin] Kaepernick and I said, 'That's a bad thing'".

Shame on the NFL Players for not standing for the National Anthem. They are chastising President Trump for expressing that players should be fired or suspended, claiming he is violating the right to freedom of speech. They, we, are part of America, too, and it's ridiculous to assume that just because someone plays a game for a living that they don't have anything of value to say outside of blitzes and blocks.

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid were the first players to kneel during the national anthem just about one year ago while they were members of the San Francisco 49ers.

They saw a privileged, highly paid pro athlete disrespecting the American flag and those who served under it in battle.

Kaepernick drew criticism from some fans and conservative pundits, who accused him of disrespecting the police, the flag or people in military service - or some combination of all three. They are using the National Football League company and visual game distribution to promote their political agenda, while they are on the clock as active employees.

Don't believe me? Ask James Damore and Brandon Eich how their freedom of speech worked out for them.

Yes - even here, in a country that is so free, there are still limitations, and this is what Trump was saying when he stated his opinion.

"I came out and made a statement in Alabama the other day", said Trump. They get to see their families and friends after each game.

The NFL has been receiving many mixed reactions and responses to the recent protests taking place during football games. We should assume Trump's words and actions reflect what he truly believes.

Trump has said that he believes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell needs to get rid of the filibuster, a rule that now requires 60 votes to pass legislation in the chamber.

Goodell has the audacity to attack the president for having "an unfortunate lack of respect for the National Football League", but defends his players' unfortunate lack of respect for the United States of America.

But in a league with 32 teams, 2,000 players and a wide range of political views in the locker room and owners' suites, finding consensus has been hard as myriad conversations have taken place throughout the league. Racist stereotypes are why the protests started.

Trump is wrong in saying players who take a knee should be fired. "It ends on Friday (and) we don't have enough time". His objective was to make a statement against the police brutality African-Americans face nationwide at the hands of law enforcement. Nearly all team owners released statements defending the players' right to protest, including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, a friend of Trump's who contributed $1 million to his inauguration committee and gave him a Super Bowl ring.

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