Can iOS 11 make iPad your primary computer?

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Alternatively, you can connect the iPhone or iPad to a PC running iTunes and do the upgrade from there.

iOS 11 won't purge any dud apps from your devices but it will mean they won't launch - unless/until they get an update fix.

But one of the most impressive features that iOS 11 brings will not be available at launch today. In the case of iOS 11, iPad users have the most to be excited about - including a new system-wide dock where favorite apps can live, and a bird's eye view of recent apps and workspaces.

Users can also type questions to Siri without speaking, which might seem like a step backward, but could actually prove to be handy if you're in a place where talking out loud is inconvenient. That's the whole point if making everything distributed and decentralized, to get rid of the middleman.

Screen Recording is also present it will allow you to record screen without any cables necessary and one even turn the microphone audio on/off which can be useful in different ways.

Apple has finally introduced a file system for the iPhone and the iPad. Also, if you find iOS 11 to be too slow on the older iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2, you should also consider reverting back to last year's software update. On the off chance that something goes terribly wrong, you wouldn't want to risk losing some of your personal data, including precious memories. No one wants that and that's why doing a full storage backup alongside iTunes can come in quite handy. Have a Mac? You can copy-paste between your phone and your computer, or send files really quickly via AirDrop - all without having to download additional apps. For months we have been talking about the iOS 11 beta updates, the Golden Master leak, and the new features coming to Apple's mobile operating system.

You'll be able to go into settings to customise what's shown on your iPad or iPhone's Control Centre, perhaps adding a calculator, alarm or any other app you use frequently. If you do not have any 32-bit apps installed, you will not be able to tap open the App Compatibility list to begin with. Aside from the above, the iPod Touch 6th generation will also be receiving the iOS 11 update. This will mean changing some of your settings back and reconnecting to WiFi and Bluetooth, but it will not delete your apps, data, music or photos.

If you want to revisit a title that has been pulled from the App Store, there is a way to install the application again.

Is it better to upgrade or wipe the device and start from scratch?

Since previous year, users have only been informed that their older apps would "slow down" their devices but Apple would allow them to be used. Apple ramps up the options in the iOS 11 update with tweaks and new features for iMessages.

One other thing about the To Do app, no matter which platform you access it with, the layout and UI are nearly identical. 'Should I get it now, or wait?'.

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