IOS 11 Control Centre doesn't actually turn Bluetooth off, but here's how

Krales  The Verge

Krales The Verge

Apple's new operating system has some users frustrated and confused by one slight change.

But two of the most awaited iOS 11 features didn't make the cut and fall into the "coming soon", arena. Instead of just a small set of controls on the bottom of the page, the new Control Center is a whole full-page deal that feels a lot more widgety than it has in the past. For a more complete (and free) back-up, iTunes will save all the basics plus your apps, log-in credentials, and even your home screen arrangement.

Once you're done customizing, open Control Center by swiping up from your screen and you'll see your customizations.

Uber's app uses location tracking to steer drivers your way when you request a ride, so you don't have to manually enter an address.

The inconsistency of those elements majorly stems from those UI element updated in iOS 11, such as Large Title and new Search Bar. The extra options remain available, and Apple now lets you customize further, such as by adding an Apple TV remote or one-touch access to the voice recorder. The Screen Recording button should now be on your Control Centre. If you are running a very older version of the iOS on your device, then this update might take a little long.

If you go the Control Centre and toggle them off, it doesn't fully disconnect you from either network, The Verge reported.

By default, the camera app on iPhones will now scan QR codes easily without you needing to do anything. Did you know that Google's Chrome for iOS also supports this, though, and it's even more powerful?

iOS 11's most underrated security feature? Here you can do edit or doodle on the screen itself before sharing via email, message or any other app.

iOS 11 has a feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving.

Although WiFi and Bluetooth can be switched off via the phone's settings, this just doesn't really seem all that practical to us. Also, you will need to plug into an outlet and connect to WiFi before you start your update download.

The new, redesigned Control Centre in iOS 11, which appears to allow users to toggle various settings such as turning wifi and Bluetooth off, doesn't actually turn them completely off.

Apple has always been loyal to its consistency and paid attention to details when crafting its operating systems, especially for the iPhone and iPad.

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