Meet Pi, a Wireless Charger from the Future

In his need to lace every event with humour the radio jockey says it’s time to sell both kidneys to buy the iPhone X

iPhone X launch reignites row between Imagination Technologies and Apple

Here are five of the top reviews on Apple's iPhone 8.

The feature may quickly become a thing of the past, but if you have small hands, fear not - it may still be possible to use the iPhone X with one hand. But the difference here is that with Apple adopting these technologies, they sort of get a legitimacy and the ecosystem falls into place announcing that this feature is here to stay. Android users have noticed that and they consider it a good sign.

That claim has now been confirmed in official results for the A11's performance on Primate Labs' Geekbench iOS benchmarks, which were updated today with official measurements for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, which were probably submitted by reviewers.

The 10th year anniversary smartphone features an edge-to-edge display. That gives you more screen to play with, but without making the phone feel too wide or unmanageable.

One can easily notice the massive multi-core performance boost on the iPhone 8 in contrast to its predecessor.

Imagination made chips for all of Apple's phones until it was ditched earlier this year and told royalties would be wound down.

Apple's wireless Qi-compatible charging system in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X requires a charging pad to set the device on. Since the phone's face is nearly entirely made up of the phone's 5.8-inch screen, the phone itself is smaller than the Apple's Plus models and likely easier to use without two hands.

"The hard part was figuring out how to make magnetic charging more flexible, multi-device, and extend its useful range".

Most pay-monthly offers start from around £60 per month plus a hefty upfront fee. Therefore, many smartphones in various segments will start gaining support for this new way of charging, which also means that the world will look for fast wireless charging. While Samsung has had wireless charging for years, that did not really spur the segment.

The Executives have also said that the company will be releasing advertising campaigns covering airport, digital, radio, and print to build the buzz on its website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from September 18.

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