Mexico quake: Bodies of Taiwan, Korea, Spain nationals recovered

Earthquake witness Rumble kept increasing

5.8-magnitude tremor strikes Mexico

Outside a collapsed seven-story office building in Mexico City's trendy Roma Norte district, people have been camped out in tents and on folding chairs since Tuesday's deadly natural disaster, anxiously awaiting word of their loved ones.

According to reports, among the collapsed buildings in the capital were a school, a factory, a supermarket, factory and apartment blocks.

The US government has deployed a team of search-and-rescue specialists to Mexico City to assist with recovery efforts there, bringing the number of forward-positioned US disaster assistance teams to almost unprecedented levels.

As storm clouds gathered over the city, families anxious that rain could slow the pace of rescue efforts.

The epicentre was about a hundred kilometres south of Mexico City.

"Mancera and EPN: We demand results" read one sign.

At the site of a collapsed apartment building in Mexico City, rescuers worked atop a three-story pile of rubble, forming a human chain that passed pieces of rubble across four city blocks to a site where they were dumped.

Glyka says he hopes people will not forget the nearby states around Mexico City, including Puebla, Morelos, and Guerrero: "They also have needs", he said.

In a letter of condolence, Xi expressed his confidence that "under the leadership of Peña Nieto, the Mexican people will overcome the disaster and can rebuild their homes".

For many the search was highly personal. Her younger canine colleagues, Echo and Evil (both a year and a half) enter collapsed buildings before Frida due to their age.

"At this moment we know that at least one girl is alive inside", Vergara said. At least 293 have been confirmed dead but one wonderful rescue Friday is giving hope to the country that there may be more.

Reports that the child was alive inspired hope among people throughout the world, as the name "Frida Sofía" trended on Twitter on Wednesday, but some reports question whether there is really a girl by that name at the location.

"Thankfully, there it wasn't felt all that much", said Glyka.

Hector Mendez, who started a branch of the Topos after the 1985 quake, said he had just returned from the United States where he assisted in relief efforts in Clearwater, Florida, and Key West after Hurricane Irma. "No food, no clothes, no water, not even an Alka-Seltzer".

Mexico's Navy said Friday that 115 people have been found alive by rescuers in Mexico City.

"Do you think I wanted that?"

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