Old iPhone apps to be killed off by Apple iOS 11

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Apple iOS 11 also puts the focus on AR in a big way

The dark horse of this update could arguably be ARKit, which will have some at-launch app support. How many of you are now running an iOS device?

Nowadays, Apple has made its phone smarter about using up space, and you won't have to go through the boring work of deleting apps just to free up space for the update, and then re-installing them all over again. If you spend all day indoors then you should be able to turn down your brightness quite a bit without noticing a lot of difference.

No longer will you need to download a third-party app to screen various QR readers. Apart from bringing with it an buffet of new features iPhone and iPad owners can feast on, the update will also cause many apps to stop working.

You may be able to pick your favorites app for the drawer at the bottom of the screen in iMessage, but the one app that never moves is the App Store. With the new update, you can now edit that little video.

The App Store is getting a redesign for the first time in years with this version of iOS.

The aptly-named Files will let you see all the documents and files you have stored in the Cloud that are synched across all your devices.

In addition to these features which will be available on Apple Music across different platforms, Apple Music has also been updated with support for "Ok Google" voice commands on Android.

iOS 11 includes a new one-handed keyboard for the larger, "Plus" iPhones.

Users in India with compatible devices, i.e., iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can directly download the new iOS 11 software on their devices. You also can go over to Open Maps and check out the new Augmented Reality feature.

After this, you have to download the IPSW file of the required iOS for your respective iDevice.

The former will enable iOS 11 users to send cash to each other, while the latter makes it possible to connect to multiple speakers, making it ideal for those with compatible multi-room audio systems. While, in theory, Apple could just have backwards compatibility with 32-bit applications, they've chosen to give that up for iOS 11, so for apps, it's upgrade or die.

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