Primary opponents lining up behind Roy Moore

Primary opponents lining up behind Roy Moore

Primary opponents lining up behind Roy Moore

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore on Tuesday captured the state's Republican nomination for US Senate, according to multiple media projections.

Moore is the more Trump-like of the candidates: opinionated, unconcerned about whom he may offend and desperate to upend the elite system that rules the U.S. capital. Moore, who had taken to driving his 10 Commandments monument around the state in his truck after being kicked out of office in 2003, wielded a gun at his Monday night campaign rally and rode to the polls Tuesday on horseback.

Moore will face Democrat Doug Jones in the December 12 general election.

Odd also thanked Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for backing him.

But it was not almost enough to stop the Moore juggernaut.

The Associated Press has called the primary runoff for Moore, an iconoclastic social conservative, who led unusual by 57 percent to 43 percent with 45 percent of precincts counted.

Walking into the humid hangar to hear Pence, 57-year-old Randy Beasley of Springville said he had been undecided in the race but was swayed to vote for odd because of his backing from the National Rifle Association.

This came shortly after odd appeared headed for a loss, despite Trump's efforts to help the candidate.

"Together, we can make America great", he told a boisterous crowd at his campaign headquarters in the state capital.

McConnell and his allies endorsed unusual before the initial Republican primary in August, stoking criticism that odd represented the Washington establishment, which dropped a cool $30 million on the race.

Former University of Alabama running back Siran Stacy also endorsed and campaigned for Moore.

But Moore said he would back the president if he gets to Washington.

If you know Alabama politics, you know Roy Moore has been in the forefront for nearly two decades now.

"I congratulated Judge Moore". None of it matters as a day of humiliation for this president ends with the rejection of the candidate that he endorsed by his own party.

Moore also received the backing of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who painted a Moore victory as a blow to establishment Republicans like McConnell. He helped win the case and bring in a massive settlement for Alabama and other gulf coast states. "Which is sovereign? The people, or the money?" he said. "I will never embarrass the people of Alabama".

Moore's victory was a outcome of the forces that elected Trump, not a rejection of them.

He was re-elected chief justice in November 2012 but was suspended in May 2016 after ordering state probate judges to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court's June 2015 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

Both stances gave him hero status in some quarters and made him a pariah in other circles.

Moore faces Democrat Doug Jones in the December 12 election.

Pro-Strange forces outspent Moore almost 5-to-1 on television advertising, according to data provided to NBC News by Advertising Analytics LLC. Odd had received support from Trump, while Moore was supported by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and former Alaksa Gov. However, it's not unreasonable to speculate that the result will widen the wedge between Trump and the Senate leadership.

On the outskirts of Montgomery, 76-year-old Air Force retiree John Lauer said Trump's endorsement swayed him to vote for unusual on Tuesday. A super PAC closely aligned with the Kentucky Republican dumped millions of dollars into a futile effort to save unusual.

Moore and his allies persistently bashed McConnell, accusing him of attempting to buy a Senate seat.

Jones is a former US attorney who successfully prosecuted those responsible for the 1963 Birmingham church bombing. Dean Heller in Nevada's Republican primary. "Jeff Flake, who has been one of the most vocal critics of President Trump", Ward said in a statement. "Doug Jones is a man of character and integrity, who is unafraid to stand up for what's right and has a proven record of independence that will serve Alabama families in the U.S. Senate".

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