Spirit Airlines moves hundreds of employees to Michigan ahead of Hurricane Irma

Spirit Airlines moves hundreds of employees to Michigan ahead of Hurricane Irma

Spirit Airlines moves hundreds of employees to Michigan ahead of Hurricane Irma

The airport is not a designated shelter.

The MIA garages are at capacity.

"'Our cruise got cancelled on Tuesday and this was the first flight that my son, my husband and I could all get out on together", said Haley Duran. FLL is closing the airport Saturday and Sunday.

This past week saw an extremely busy Florida airspace with thousands scrambling to leave before the hurricane hit.

Delta said Thursday that it had upsized aircraft and added flights at airports in Punta Cana, Nassau, Freeport, Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, and Orlando - in all, more than 2,000 seats along Irma's path. Operations will be canceled throughout the weekend.

A United Airlines spokesperson told Associated Press the airline is sold out of tickets in Florida through Friday, adding six flights.

Meyer said that although the last flight at FLL took off at 7:45 p.m., workers stayed on site until everything is taken care of.

American Airlines, which has a major hub at Miami International, stopped all flights in and out of the airport at 1 p.m.

One woman who tried to leave ended up stranded at the airport after her flight was cancelled. As a reminder, customers can check their flight status on our website at aa.com.

Usually making changes to your ticket last minute - or worse, buying a new one entirely right before a flight - will cost you hundreds of dollars.

In addition, the airline has capped fares at $99 for those returning to affected areas between 10 September to 17 September.

An agent from JetBlue told News 12 that they seem to be the only ones flying in and out of Florida from Westchester. The airline noted that availability on all of these flights is "extremely limited".

"We will continue to add extra flights, if equipment is available", the statement said.

These numbers will change as the storm tracks toward the continental United States.

Key West International Airport was to suspend commercial operations at the end of the day Thursday, and officials at Miami International advised travelers it will halt operations when winds reach 55 miles per hour. But as they scour the web for cheap flights, they've increasingly come upon a disappointing reality: most airlines have been charging well over $1,000 for round-trip flights to other USA destinations.

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