This one thing about Apple's new iOS update is annoying people

Apple's big reveal the iOS 11 update is here Everything you need to know

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You can still turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11's Control Center, but you just can't turn them fully off from there.

As much as innovative these features are, they don't appeal to security researchers.

You can restart them by visiting the same Settings menu and Tapping on to the Toggle button to turn them on. Turns out that the control center isn't flawless and in fact has a major issue associated with it. You can even Restart your device for the same of can visit the Bluetooth option by visiting the Settings and then Bluetooth.

Is there a such a thing as too many emoji?

But the gesture stopped working after the iOS 11 update. From breastfeeding mothers to zombies, pixies, a T-rex and a vomiting smiley, there's plenty to choose from. Everything you just read is laid out in Apple's official iOS 11 documentation.

When you first download the iOS 11 update, the bottom half will be populated with the apps that you're used to seeing on the old Control Center: the flashlight, the timer, the calculator, and the camera.

The capability of file management through the File app that is the centralized location to store files in the cloud or in the device. So when you press the Music icon next time, you will see the option to open play Beats 1 radio or start a search right away in the shortcuts. If you've already tried the beta, then you've probably experienced many of its secret features. Also, the users need to click on backup data while the update process is going on, to prevent the loss of data.

In iOS 10 and earlier versions, turning off the settings in the Control Center would totally close the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, thus services like Instant Hotspot, AirPlay, Apple Pencil and other locating features would be disabled as well.

But before we focus on that, the headline here is the addition of user profiles so you can now share your favorite music and playlists with friends and discover what they've shared as well.

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