Bruce Hart's WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Preview

A look at how Kevin Owens prepared for his Hell in a Cell war with Shane McMahon

A look at how Kevin Owens prepared for his Hell in a Cell war with Shane McMahon

The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view was SmackDown's last major stop before Survivor Series, with four title matches and two contests held inside of the cage. Shane then climbed to the top of the cell as the crowd went wild. he psyched himself up and then lleapt off the cell, but Owens moved and Shane went through the table. Medical personnel came down to check on Owens, but McMahon wasn't finished yet.

Owens then made his way up to the top of the cage as McMahon layed on the table below. Owens followed that up with a frog splash from the top. Basically, its a dead match and WWE Superstars were well trained to get this kind of opportunity. Did it make us want to see Nakamura knee him into oblivion?

Nakamura came inches away from winning the WWE title from Mahal at Summerslam but the Singh Brothers, the champions' associates, distracted the King of Strong Style and that allowed The Modern Day Maharaja to pick up the win with the Khallas. Charlotte is, without question, a most worthy candidate. Shinsuke has, sadly, struggled on the main roster and in his time on SmackDown he has only delivered one really good match.

It feels like the WWE are giving Owens the disgusting streak he painfully needed for quite a bit of his reign as WWE Universal champion prior in the year. This opened the match for Owens, however, who threw McMahon into the cell on multiple occasions.

The man can trash-talk with the best of them - that much we knew, and he did plenty to remind us throughout the match.

The United States Championship match featuring the champion A.J. Styles, Baron Corbin, and the late-addition Tye Dillinger was a very entertaining triple threat match that saw each individual get their moment to shine.

However AJ remains one of the WWE's most talented and consistent performers and is capable of having a great match with a wide range of different performers. Considering he's on the same show as AJ Styles, that's a pretty bold statement. Going by the way Orton's been making side character Aiden English look good in this feud, I think Rusev might take this one. MATTHEW BYER: Their first bout at SummerSlam was okay but it is a bit unusual that there's no special Hell in the Cell stipulation surrounding this match as well.

Out of all of the matches tonight, this is by far the most personal. As a team, they might have some entertaining matches against teams like Rollins & Ambrose, the Uso's or even The New Day. This may not be up there with the Black Sox scandal, but it wouldn't shock me to hear a kid say, "Say it ain't so Sami" in the upcoming days.

Randy Orton and Rusev are two top athletes - there's no doubt about that. Jinder Mahal needs to drop the belt asap, as it has now lost all relevance and the company need to stop giving us such boring, formulaic matches.

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