Catalonia to declare independence from Spain within days - region's chief

Catalonia vote Spain's biggest crisis for a generation

Catalonia goes on strike to protest independence

These are very complex moments, but we will move forward.

The central government and national courts branded the referendum illegal.

Protestors, many of them students, waved the Catalan independence flag Monday and held up signs demanding more democracy outside the headquarters of the Spanish police in Barcelona.

The weekend's violence - broadcast worldwide in images of police using rubber bullets and batons on voters - prompted condemnation internationally and at home.

Spain's prime minister Mariano Rajoy indicated that he will discuss the issues with all of the parliamentary political parties and talks are also planned with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

The European Union and most of its 28 nations have not backed Catalonia's independence movement.

The European Union saw the referendum as a violation of the Spanish constitution and privately anxious about other secessionist movements in Europe.

"It is not a domestic matter", he told a news conference on Monday.

Catalonia's leader has said voters have "gained the right" to an independent state following a referendum rejected by Madrid.

Barcelona said that none of its professional or youth teams will practise today, and the club headquarters will be closed as a reaction to government attempts to stop the referendum on Sunday. Preliminary results of Sunday's poll showed a 90 per cent vote in favour of independence.

Catholic leaders voiced pleas for peace after a Catalonian regional referendum vote on secession from Spain drew a strong police reaction. Spain's interior minister said the 5,000 extra officers would stay in Catalonia as long as necessary.

Spain's King Felipe delivers a speech at the Palace of Westminster in London, Britain July 12, 2017. The region has its own language and generates a fifth of Spain's 1.1 trillion euro economy.

"Now everybody has been discussing the Catalonia independence referendum situation".

But the 91-time Spain worldwide has the support of his coach, who is delighted with the way the centre-back has conducted himself.

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