Microsoft Decides to Shut Down the Production of Windows 10 Mobile

It created the Windows CE that went in PDAs way back in 1996 and launched Windows Phone in 2000. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 mobile for a while yet. After abandoning the Lumia program and lacking partner manufacturers, Microsoft's various mobile operating systems have fallen out of circulation.

As much I agree with Microsoft's decision to take Windows Phone off life support, today's news hits me hard.

Windows 10 Mobile certainly had its fans, but it appears the platform died because of the lack of interest from developers themselves.

Microsoft doesn't entirely abandon current Windows 10 Mobile customers because there will likely be some bug fixes and security patches but nothing new is being implemented.

He even admitted that there's no way to solve Microsoft's app problems.

When Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Mobile it was seen as the mobile counterpart of the world's largest mobile OS's last saving grace.

Microsoft has been a renowned in the PC industry for over 20 years and has covered its journey from Windows CE for personal digital assistants to the Windows 10. They don't seem to touch the level of Android which accounts for 64% sales and iOS which is at 34%. Belfiore's tweets indicated that Microsoft can no longer survive in fierce competition against Apple's iOS and Google's Android. "B$3 ug fixes, security updates, etc".

"There wasn't a wide range of devices running Windows 10 Mobile, so it wasn't attractive to retailers or operators", said IDC's Francisco Jeronimo. There also has been the Continuum feature that let users to enable the phones to function as a PC when connected to a display.

At the end of last month, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates revealed he is using an Android phone, although it does have "a lot of Microsoft software".

Microsoft's Windows division would no more be focusing on Window 10 mobile, informed by the Microsoft's Windows division head. "Paid money. wrote apps 4 them. but volume of users is too low for most companies to invest". The aim was to develop some of the best Windows Phone devices, which it did indeed but failed to get the number of buyers required to make the strategy a success.

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