Nintendo reveals Animal Crossing for smartphones

Animal Crossing Mobile COUNTDOWN: Nintendo Direct App Update for iPhone and Android

'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' towns open on smartphones in November

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp does not have an official release date yet, but is set to launch by the end of November for iOS and Android.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available on iOS and Android devices in Australia, with other regions to follow.

Yesterday Nintendo announced Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Completing these requests will help to increase the player's "friendship level", displaying how much the character likes them. Then, once the item is finished, you can place it around your campsite or decorate your camper's interior. Before you go searching Google Play or the App Store, it is only available in Australia as of the publishing of this article. Players can buy Leaf Tickets to speed up construction projects, which can be bought from Nook using in-game currency - or real money. Essentially, they're a short cut - if you can't be bothered to hunt around for a stack of wood to make a swing (one of the examples in Nintendo's Direct video) then Leaf Tickets are your friend. This time it made its way through your iPhone and android devices and is free of cost for playing staples like; micro transactions and countdown timers just as may expect. It's genuinely the same kind of game in terms of management, resource gathering and the befriending of various animals, but on a slightly smaller scale than what's come before. The better fitted your camp is, the more animals you'll attract. You'll also be able to visit friends' neighborhoods by exchanging ID numbers.

Just like other mobile games, Pocket Camp also runs in day and night, and the players have the choice to hop around to different locations such as Saltwater Shores and Sunburst Island.

Players would be able to personalize their character and the campsite. There are plenty of other things available including items and furniture. You can change the look of your camper-or even make it bigger on the inside. Or you can purchase entrance to Shovel Strike Quarry, where you'll earn valuable minerals that you can sell for bells.

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