Sneezy?…Wheezy?...Mentally Queezy? Mental Health Common Cold

Illustration  Ravi Jadhav

Illustration Ravi Jadhav

Do you know what post-natal depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, stress and ADHD have in common? Given that 1 in 4 of us will suffer from mental health issues, this can not be put in the too hard box.

More than half (51%) of survey respondents who had confided in their line manager about a mental health issue did not receive any extra support.

Today is World Mental Health Day and a North Yorkshire charity is offering its services to schools in the county. Adopting positive language in discussions around mental health can also change attitudes, and takin a stance against discriminatory terms, such as lunatic or nutter, can aid this change.

"Start the Conversation", which is already being delivered to companies in the United Kingdom, is a 45-minute session which gets people thinking about mental health and talking about it. But many more people struggle in silence or lack awareness of how their experience of mental distress may be holding them back.

Balancing paid work and unpaid caregiving work can also negatively affect caregivers' mental health, so a study at McMaster University (Canada) is testing whether caregiver-friendly workplace policies can improve their health and wellbeing.

Worldwide 322 million people suffer from depression these numbers continue to rise.

The firm's mental health first aiders are recruited from across the business and range from legal apprentice Georgia Wild to equity partner Nicola Critchley.

A separate report by the Mental Health Foundation found that people living with mental health problems contribute 225bn to the economy each year, something they say should make employers wake up to the need to protect that contribution. There are inadequate numbers of specialised healthcare workers to serve the population, which leads to poor access to quality mental health care of good quality and ultimately, complications and costly hospitalisations.

Although it focuses on how to make the workplace better for everyone, it is an opportunity to once again draw attention to mental health issues in our society.

Central England Co-operative is continuing its efforts to break the silence around mental health by branding two of its lorries with the Time to Change logo.

Celebrating World Mental Health Day (10 October), the British Safety Council has unveiled its mental health training portfolio.

She says the way to deal with this is to help employers to understand more about mental-health conditions.

It was important for people to think about both their physical and mental wellbeing, she said.

This comes as Welsh Government figures have recently revealed that 90% of employees who take time off work due to stress, instead gave another reason for their absence, such as a stomach upset or headache.

Tom Oxley offered him a one-to-one session to help him manage a staff member with a mental health problem.

Mrs Barriga therefore called on all stakeholders to join hands in fighting against stigma and discrimination of mental health, saying that, the fight should not be left for the Authority alone to handle, but must be supported by all, to achieve the needed impact.

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