Thompson joining House Democrats today seeking 'common sense' gun laws

In Wake Of Las Vegas Shooting, Connecticut Lawmakers Frustrated On Gun Control Efforts

Connecticut Senator Murphy calls for Congress to "get off its ass and do something" on gun violence

Politico reported on September 21, "The Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), may come up for a House vote as early as next week".

"The reality is that much of it is rooted in the evil inside this one individual, but much of it is also rooted in our laws, which allowed him to get his hands on weapons that are illegal in nearly every other civilized country", he said.

Originally, the bill - which would ease restrictions on silencers, among other things - was scheduled to be voted on this week.

In the aftermath of the mass shootings in Las Vegas, Democrats will want to discuss meaningful gun reform while Republicans will say that this is not the time to talk about guns.

The bill is "not scheduled right now".

"We're not addressing what we had with the nine in Charleston", he said, referring to the 2015 church shooting in that city that killed nine people, and the fact that the shooter cleared a federal background check and was able to purchase a gun.

Representative Suzanne Bonamici sent a series of tweets on the issue, beginning with "I am filled with grief about the horrific mass shooting in #LasVegas".

Pro-gun groups will spin the debate to mental health. It's the largest mass shooting in modern United States history. If you go to his campaign website right now - - you will be greeted with a single message, "Congress must pass comprehensive legislation to make our communities safer from gun violence". He's also supported removing the requirement that Medicaid cover mental health services.

The Obama rule would have added 75,000 to the database, NBC News said. Even so, it's clear that Republican politicians with an intent to further deregulate firearms are having a more hard time navigating calls for gun control. Angus King, I-Maine.

On Tuesday, Ryan said there was no imminent plan. Ryan declined, according to Democrats.

"As much as we might hope to we cannot banish evil from the earth, Congress can't do that, the president can't do that", he said from the Senate floor.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) said he's not participating in moments of silence for the attack because he views them as "an excuse for inaction".

Ryan was clearly referring to the efforts made by the Republican Murphy.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans in Congress of being "a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America" as she and other Democrats bemoaned the lack of action by the GOP majority to address gun violence after the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit that started following the deadly Newtown shooting by Mark Barden and Nicole Hockley who both lost a child in the shooting, said there were no words to describe the horror of this latest shooting.

A number of senators and members of Congress wasted no time calling for action on gun control, responding to Monday's shooting in Las Vegas that left over 50 dead and 400 wounded.

Congress went on rewind this week, replaying the gun control arguments raised after every mass shooting in recent years.

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