Razer Phone Launched as Gaming-Focused Device

The Razer Phone looks a lot like the bit Robin cloud phone albeit it’s a bit larger

The Razer Phone looks a lot like the bit Robin cloud phone albeit it’s a bit larger

Local pricing and availability are now unavailable, but Razer is expected to release more details following the phone's initial launch.

Most PC gamers who don't play may use lesser RAM but the Razer gaming smartphone has a massive 8GB of RAM which may sound unheard of and overkill on a mobile device. Its dual-camera system, on the other hand, is still largely a mystery - it remains to be seen just how capable Razer is when it comes to smartphone photography.

The Razer Phone has been priced at $699 (roughly Rs. 45,000) and will be going on sale later this month. It also opens new avenues for developers like Gameloft to make more console-quality titles for the Android smartphone. The speakers are huge and supporting them are even bigger bezels to add to its bleak outlook there is no headphone jack. The Razer Phone features a 5.7-inch "UltraMotion" display with a quad-HD resolution (2560x1440) with a wide color gamut and Gorilla Glass 3 for protection. The phone's UltraMotion adaptive refresh technology removes image tearing or lag by synchronizing the GPU and display, which also drives efficient power usage. Playing graphically intensive games at 120 frames per second would require a powerful battery so Razer has found the solution and installed in its smartphones that most advanced batteries that can last up to 2 days for normal use.

Another important aspect of any gaming machine - and the Razer Phone is one - is its thermal handling.

Design-wise the Razr Phone is looking quite restrained (considering the firm's headphones and mice are usually slathered with neon green graphics); it's a neat and tidy angular shape somewhat reminiscent of Sony's Xperia line-up. The device is built from repurposed hardware Razer acquired from Nextbit.

The bodywork is entirely aluminium, CNC machine milled and nicely clean and understated in our view.

Just like the Nextbit phone before it, this smartphone has a fingerprint scanner under its power button. It measures 158.5x77.7x8mm and weighs 197 grams. The front-facing camera is a 8-megapixel shooter that has an aperture of f/2.0, and there's no front-facing flash. Storage is relatively small though, at only 64GB.

What about pricing and availability? The Razer Phone can now be ordered for $700, as the first batch of shipments will be out on November 17. After all, it's the company's very first phone, and it has to go against other phone makers with considerably more experience. Meanwhile in Three stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, at Razer Store in San Francisco, and online in the U.S. and Canada via Razerzone.com there will be a limited edition (1,337) iconic green triple-headed snake logo-emblazoned Razer Phones up for sale.

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