A Brief Survey of Republicans Blaming Democrats for the Looming Government Shutdown

A Brief Survey of Republicans Blaming Democrats for the Looming Government Shutdown

A Brief Survey of Republicans Blaming Democrats for the Looming Government Shutdown

The House a cleared a must-pass bill Thursday night to fund the government through February 16, sending the measure to the Senate as lawmakers scramble to avoid a government shutdown amid a fight over the fate of young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers, according to ABC News.

The shutdown is an unnecessary tactic as DACA isn't set to end until March, but Democrats hope to use funding for the military as a political negotiating chip in their fight for illegal immigrants.

Trump put off an upcoming trip to Mar-a-Lago to see through the negotiations and pressed Democrats to see the bill through, putting the onus for its passage on them.

At least some Democratic votes are needed to pass the budget measure ahead of the Friday midnight deadline.

Many Democrats have said they want a deal on the fate of so-called Dreamers - young immigrants brought to the USA illegally as children - whose protection from deportation expires in March, before they support another spending bill. Republican voters, on the other hand, were slightly more divided, with 66% faulting the Democrats.

After the House last night passed the measure, 230 to 197, with strong Republican support, the Bill was headed for probable defeat in the Senate amid opposition from most Democrats and a few Republicans.

Republicans inserted the measure in a move to lure Democratic support. Republicans are blaming Democrats for opposing the spending bill because it doesn't include a DACA solution, while Democrats blame Republicans for not including those protections in the bill to begin with.

But in a bipartisan gesture he later invited Chuck Schumer, the top democrat in the Senate to a meeting in the White House.

House GOP leaders sweetened the pending stopgap measure with legislation to extend for six years a popular health care program for children from low-income families and two-year delays in unpopular "Obamacare" taxes on medical devices and generous employer-provided health plans.

Broken down across party lines, 78 percent of Democrats overwhelmingly are laying the blame on the GOP and Trump.

But it is unclear if there are enough votes to pass it in either the House or Senate. The last shutdown was in 2013 and lasted 16 days.

A government shutdown could be on the way- the first one in more than four years.

(Senate Minority Leader) Senator (Chuck) Schumer, do not shut down the federal government.

The US could experience a rare government shutdown this weekend, as a majority of senators appeared unwilling to back a new temporary spending bill. Congress' inability to agree on overall funding levels has meant that the government has been operating on a series of temporary measures that mainly kept spending at the previous year's levels.

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