Amazon's Echo Spot bedside speaker clock comes to the UK

Amazon Echo in Light Gray

Amazon Echo in Light Gray Courtesy of Amazon

When up and running, you simply have to say, "Alexa (or your chosen wake word), followed by a command, and Amazon's virtual assistant will make it happen provided it's within its range of capabilities". All of these new machines will respond to "Alexa" and "Hey, Cortana", and the proper voice assistant will respond.

While smart assistants creep deeper into our lives, I'm willing to try every one of them. For example, you might have an Echo, Alexa-enabled desktop PC, and an LG smart TV all in your living room.

One of the most futuristic example of voice-guided assistant at the CES 2018 was that of American plumbing and bath fittings company Kohler.

Both devices will play content from Amazon Prime Video - but, naturally, the 7-inch screen on the Echo Show will be far more capable than the 2.5-inch Echo Spot screen. It's comparable to the Echo Dot so this isn't really going to be the first port of call if you want to listen to music, but if you want to wake up listening to the radio then it's perfectly suited to that job.

Before its assistant reaches homes, Roku could fall even further behind. Around 4% of holiday shoppers are first time buyers.

The Amazon Echo Button is a way for Amazon to get the whole family, or perhaps friends at a dinner party interaction with Alexa and the Echo family of products.

Manufacturers of appliances and other products are considering factors such as ease of use and language support as they pick voice technology from what they view as a wide open battle between Alphabet's Google, and others.

"Alexa represents a new class of technology that is developing in the next generation of systems that you don't code any more but "train, configure and use".

The primary advantage of voice is that it flattens how we interface with tech into one, familiar action: speaking. "Those companies already know what we do online and when we make purchases", he notes.

Apple is yet to register in the segment despite announcing the Siri-powered HomePod previous year, but it failed to launch the device ahead of Christmas as it had originally planned. Apple's Siri-equipped HomePod speaker, unveiled by the company in June, has yet to launch commercially. Samsung introduced its Bixby voice-controlled digital assistant a year ago and plans to include the technology on all of its devices by 2020. People are increasingly using their smart speaker in place of a smartphone for many tasks, with voice search rapidly rising.

He said that the intelligence in the devices will be "based on your voice" that will enable you to easily connect. When we compared the Echo Spot to the original Echo device, the difference was the speaker on the Spot is not as good compared to the Echo, but the Spot displays the song lyrics on the screen. "It isn't clear who should have access to what data, because it will be contributed by multiple different members of the household". At a high level voice is becoming both a UI and an IoT platform of sorts.

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