Calipari on shooting tragedy: 'We've got to come together'

Student charged with murder in Kentucky high school shooting

Trump extends condolences to Kentucky governor after fatal school shooting

The shooting of more than a dozen students at a Kentucky high school might have been expected to shock the nation, but Americans seem numbed by the apparent frequency of school shootings since 20 children and six adults were killed at a CT elementary school in 2012, gun-control advocates say. "It was nearly completely silent as people just ran". The trooper's daughter had been dropped off at the school that morning, and she and the victim were wearing similar clothing, Sanders said.

Without an explanation of why he did it, a prosecutor said Wednesday, they can't yet add charges of attempted murder to the two murder charges he faces, even though more than a dozen other students suffered bullet wounds. Five were flown about 120 miles ( 193 kilometers) to Nashville, Tennessee's Vanderbilt University Medical Center, spokeswoman Tavia Smith said.

The suspect is a 15-year-old boy who was arrested at the school by a deputy.

Gage was also reportedly dating 15-year-old sophomore Bailey Holt, who died at the school after being shot.

"If anything is different, anything is off - if they're feeling isolated, if they don't want to talk or do normal activities", she said, "definitely think those are some warning signs".

"My thoughts and prayers are with the students and faculty at Marshall County High School, where there has been a tragic school shooting". "We all started running toward the library office, and once we got in there, we just shut the lights off, sat down, locked the doors".

The authorities plan to search the suspect's home as they investigate his motives.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and several people in Benton said they couldn't believe a mass shooting would happen in their small, close-knit town. "This is a tremendous tragedy and speaks to the heartbreak present in our communities".

Tuesday's attack came one day after another school shooting, in Texas. She was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Dallas.

School officials are asking both student sections wear orange and blue - Marshall County High School's colors.

The boy kept shooting until he ran out of ammunition, Ms Caporali said. NEWTOWN, Connecticut, Dec. 14, 2012 - A man fatally shoots his mother, then kills 20 children and six adults before killing himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"We're training our babies how to react when faced with an active shooter, but we're not taking action on gun safety", Scott said.

The agency then briefed a team and ultimately came up with the Twitter idea, which involves the automated production of a video each morning that pulls data on number of deaths, and where they occurred-including street locations of the shootings.

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