'DC Is Open' If Federal Government Shuts Down, Mayor Says

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"The military will still go to work; they will not get paid", Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney told reporters Friday morning.

So, how could a government shutdown affect me in Southwest Florida?

"It's a travesty, of course, because these shutdowns do nothing to help the country". Navy Secretary Richard Spencer said that ongoing budget uncertainty has cost the Navy $4 billion since 2011 due to stalled acquisition programs and deferred maintenance.

Once the House and Senate pass legislation and it's signed by President Donald Trump, suspended federal operations will reopen and employees will return to begin to dig out of a backlog of work, the size of which depends on how long the shutdown lasts. "Regardless of whether or not the federal government shuts down, the D.C. government will be open for business". If you get Social Security, your check should continue to arrive in the mail. Super Bowl preparations will continue. On the other hand, only 10 percent of the National Labor Relations Board's 1,600 employees are required to work during the shutdown. - National Parks and cemeteries will have reduced staff but the administration plans for them to be open. With the US government on the verge of yet another shutdown, it's worth noting just how much the episode five years ago disrupted the economy and the lives of millions of Americans.

Social Security card and loan applications may be unable to be processed and national parks could have limited accessibility when a shutdown is declared.

The National Institute of Health would stop funding grants for research and the Department of Health and Human Services would stop sending welfare assistance to states.

The list of people who will be furloughed is long.

Virginia is home to a large number of federal employees, and the two districts represented by Beyer and Wittman, Virginia's 8th and 1st, respectively, represent almost 120,000 federal workers, according to the release. Workers deemed essential, including those dealing with public safety and national security, keep working. The Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, do not rely on Congress to approve their funding.

"We're pretty sure that there will not be tours here tomorrow (Saturday) if there's a shutdown", acting superintendent Tim Townsend said.

In 2013, the shutdown especially affected residents of Washington. Some agencies have alternative sources of income and are able to continue work as usual.

Medicare and Medicaid will both continue during the shutdown as well.

Employees for non-essential services would be out on furlough, meaning they are locked out of work and receive no pay. Why should they pay a price because their representatives couldn't get their act together?

The blame game between Democrats and Republicans is nothing new.

The shutdown was cemented when the Senate, meeting late into Friday night, blocked a Bill to maintain the federal government's funding through Feb 16. The people in the private sector who run restaurants and coffee shops and other small businesses that serve federal employees and contractors will see sales drop, and their employees who are sent home will not get paid or get back-pay. The program expires in March.

KARE-11 has reached out to all four federal government buildings in the Twin Cities Metro, but our calls have not been returned at this time. It did not address DACA.

"Back in 2013, the economy was much more fragile", said Zandi.

Rep. Tom Reed, a Corning Republican, said it's a disaster that ought to be avoided. "So why would the Democrats hold government funding hostage to that?"

On Wednesday, the bill's passage was not assured, as Democrats weighed the potential political risk of voting against the measure.

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