Eagles, Vikings connected by history of unbelievable pain

These Are the Last 5 Super Bowl MVPs

These Are the Last 5 Super Bowl MVPs

Their seemingly secure lead disappeared, and when PK Wil Lutz booted a 43-yard field goal with 25 seconds remaining to give a 24-23 edge to New Orleans, it was all over but the crying.

Four months removed from reconstructive surgery, Robinson is now traveling with the team, so he'll be on the sideline Sunday at New England, serving as a mentor to a raw receiving corps.

But again, that's just half the battle.

Tom Brady is still on the Patriots, right?

Unlike Jackson, Berman didn't retire fully from ESPN when he walked away from Sunday NFL Countdown after the 2016 season. "They've really done a good job, so yeah, it's impressive". Four of the past seven have finished in the top four in that category. I want Tom Brady and Co.to lose just as much as the rest of the nation, but the fact of the matter is, they are the superior team.

When Bortles and co. are chasing a game, turnovers usually follow.

Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows
Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows Getty Images File

Jags rookie rusher Leonard Fournette ran like I thought he would in the opening round against the Buffalo Bills, totaling 109 yards rushing and three TDs. They are 6-16 all-time in postseason road games, having not won such a game since a 31-17 victory on January 9, 2005 in Green Bay. The Jaguars survived the shoot-out against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was that ferocity that allowed them to go 11-1 over the course of the final games of the season, and while the Saints game seemed extremely out of character in terms of exactly that, they've admitted that they became complacent on defense and they will use that experience as motivation to keep their collective feet on the necks of their opponent (s). And against Philadelphia's struggling offense, Minnesota's "D" will lead the team to its first Super Bowl since 1976 - to be played in its own stadium, no less, a first in the Super Bowl era.

With Foles under center, the Eagles are more likely to look to the ground game to try to break down the Vikings defense. Time to get real. Bradford, now back in uniform as Keenum's backup, blew out a knee in the first month of the season, as did rookie running back in Cook, who needed reconstructive surgery to fix a torn ACL.

Also, I just read a story that after Lane Johnson and Chris Long wore those dog masks after their win over the Falcons, dog masks quickly sold out on Amazon and other purveyors.

You'll get solid value with this one, too. Who needs to step up for the Eagles to win? He signed up for DirectTV, no longer has to watch and analyze nine games simultaneously and gets to bed at a reasonable hour.

Keenum has earned himself a lot of money while exceeding all expectations and remains the starter even with Bradford and Bridgewater healthy, which is phenomenal - especially considering that the Vikes have also been forced to work without rookie sensation Dalvin Cook. The Eagles D-line - particularly Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham - are beasts. If you search "Vikings Super Bowl appearances" or "Patriots Super Bowl appearances" on Google, Super Bowl LII will appear on the list for both teams.

Sunday's two National Football League playoff games will decide who plays in the Super Bowl and the Minnesota Vikings can be the NFC representative with a win in Philadelphia.

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