Erdogan urges USA to stop aiding Syrian Kurds

2 killed 11 injured as rockets from Syria hit mosque & house in Turkish border town

Caspian Region Backs Turkey's Afrin Operation In Syria

The Ankara-Washington alliance has likely reached a make-or-break point as the Turkish military wages strikes against US-backed Kurdish forces while President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vows to extend Operation Olive Branch east of Manbij.

Leading Turkish and Kurdish groups in Germany Wednesday accused each other of "importing" a foreign conflict in the wake of Ankara's cross-border offensive against a Syrian Kurdish militia.

Turkey says its operation will continue until the YPG who it accuses of having links with its own Kurdish insurgents have been crushed.

Trump urged Turkey to deescalate, limit its military actions, and avoid civilian casualties and increases of displaced persons and refugees, said the USA statement.

The US and Turkey are North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies but they have diverging interests in the Syrian civil war. Despite the Turkish claims, Islamic State fighters are not known to be in the areas Turkey is attacking.

The US has around 2,000 troops and military "advisors" in Syria.

"Not only the U.S., but also other key North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries, like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, made key statements in recent days as a strategic maneuver empathizing with Ankara's security concerns and condemning the YPG", Ozpek told Arab News. "We will not live with fear and threats", Cavusoglu added.

"This is a grave and very painful situation".

Turkey's military operation in Afrin aims to deal a strong blow to the Kurdish fighters and weaken their growing influence in northern Syria near Turkey.

"The US (is) now engaged intensively to urge restraint and de-escalation".

U.S. -Turkey relations have been strained in recent months over several issues.

Turkey's air and ground operation has opened a new front in Syria's multi-sided civil war and could threaten United States plans to stabilise and rebuild a large area of northeast Syria - beyond President Bashar al-Assad's control - where the USA helped SDF to drive out ISIS.

The US also said it wanted closer bilateral cooperation and cares about Turkey's legitimate security concerns.

But Turkish officials have said the offensive on Afrin will be followed by an attack on Kurdish-held Manbij to the east, where USA forces have conducted regular patrols for more than a year.

The Syrian government has condemned what it called "Turkish aggression on Afrin".

Two people, a Turk and a Syrian, were killed on Wednesday after two rockets fired from Syria by the YPG landed in the border town of Kilis, province governor Mehmet Tekinarslan said.

In the current offensive, Turkish troops and the Syrian rebels it supports have only been targeting Kurdish fighters.

The SDF is an umbrella grouping composed mainly of YPG.

Yildirim said as many as 300 militants have been "neutralized" - killed, injured or taken captive - so far in the Afrin offensive.

Mr Erdogan told Mr Macron on Tuesday that Turkey was taking all measures to prevent civilian casualties in the Afrin operation, sources at the presidential palace said.

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