Flu now considered an epidemic by the CDC

Dog Influenza Spreading Like Wildfire in the USA

20 children dead as every continental state is hit by the widespread flu

"But we also think the flu has not peaked yet", he explained.

As of January 6, the latest week that has been analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 86 percent of the flu strains identified are influenza A and of those 84.9 percent are A H3N2.

Local school and healthcare officials are urging Eufaula residents to take precautions against rising Influenza (flu) activity levels reported throughout the state and community.

"Influenza is responsible for a number of deaths each year and affects the same vulnerable groups as cold weather".

The Marquette County Health Department said that two different strains of the flu are circulating the area, which is consistent with what is happening nationwide. Cases of the flu are particularly increasing in the northern portions of the state, including the Panhandle.

The Indiana State Department of Health says in its weekly influenza report for the period ending December 6 that 36 of the deaths occurred among people age 65 or older, compared with 16 deaths in that age group being reported through December 30.

The CDC estimates that the number of influenza illnesses in the USA ranges from 9.2 million to 35.6 million a year.

Complicating the flu season?

Nordstrom said that it's critical the body stays hydrated to fight the flu and other potential complications. Sutfin said in her email. "The majority of influenza detections continue to be H3N2". Request the "quadrivalent vaccine", the one that protects against four influenza strains, because one of the strains in circulation in Alabama (Type B/Yamagata) is only included in the quadrivalent vaccine.

Columbus Regional Health is requesting that all non-family visitors and other with potential flu-like symptoms avoid visits to its facilities until further notice.

However, flu can be risky and even healthy people can sometimes experience serious complications.

"True, the current flu vaccine is not a great vaccine", Lehman says.

"It can be given and still will be of benefit".

Yes, just like humans, the best way to prevent illness is to get your dog vaccinated. "However, this major seasonal flu situation has not affected our facility and we are now operating under normal standard procedures, at a very steady and busy pace".

"The flu virus that's around now tends to be one that they don't do as well predicting with the flu vaccine", Cadau said.

"It sounds like flu", Sherwoood concludes, even though Grier has gotten his flu shot.

The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone six months and older, including pregnant women. "The company additionally has ongoing efforts to develop a broadly protective influenza vaccine that would be effective despite natural mutation (or genetic changes) of flu strains over time", the company said.

"If you are visiting a loved one in the hospital, please keep in mind to wash or sanitize your hands frequently to avoid getting sick, or getting someone else sick", the hospital said in the release.

The figure was calculated by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases based on the number of patients reported by some 5,000 clinics across the country. Mondays or by appointment Tuesday through Friday. "Vaccines are still available at doctors' offices and pharmacies".

The health department is at 3415 28th St., Port Huron.

Dr. Castillo hopes the widespread of this year's flu does not mean more deaths.

When H3 viruses are predominant flu season tends to be worse, including more hospitalizations and more deaths, according to CDC Director, Brenda Fitzgerald. "Kind of feel like you got hit with a Mack Truck".

Dr. Tawney said people sometimes under-estimate how serious the flu can be.

"We're fine here", Hall said. Most of the time, people who are generally healthy do not need to take antiviral medicine for the flu.

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