Pelosi: Immigration framework is a 'campaign to make America white again'

NATION-NOW     Trump team unveils new immigration framework with path to citizenship for DREAMers     
       Trump team unveils new immigration framework

NATION-NOW Trump team unveils new immigration framework with path to citizenship for DREAMers Trump team unveils new immigration framework

But behind the softer rhetoric and the offer to roughly double the population of the "Dreamers" - undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children - were clear signs that immigration hard-liners on Trump's staff are still leading the White House effort.

President Donald Trump says he's willing to provide almost 2 million Dreamers with a path to citizenship, but only after big changes to border security and the country's immigration system.

So President Trump showed his hand on immigration last night.

"It's encouraging to see the White House's involvement", he said.

President Trump's never been one to let consistency guide him.

White House officials said that the list of enhanced security measures - which have been on anti-immigration wish lists for decades - were nonnegotiable.

On Friday many "Dreamers", or undocumented immigrants brought to the USA illegally as children, were hopeful they'll be able to stay.

The state's two US senators and four congressmen - all Republicans - have expressed sympathy for "Dreamers" - illegal aliens who grew up in the United States.

White House officials said Thursday the new proposal is "a compromise position that we believe ... will get 60 votes in the Senate" and "a framework that ultimately will lead to passage of a law".

Congress members, including some Republicans, said Sunday that the negotiations have gone too far afield ahead of a March 5 deadline after which 690,000 dreamers in an Obama-era deferred action program could begin to lose their protections from deportation.

Miller has been one of the more hardline conservative voices in the White House when it comes to immigration policy. The gains in enforcement and a tighter legal system would have to be substantial to make this departure worthwhile.

But the most eye-catching proposal sets out a 10-12-year path to citizenship for 1.8 million people.

On requests for residence for family members, it states that they are limited to husbands and unmarried children under 21 years of age.

That included $25 billion in proposed funding for Trump's long-promised wall along the border with Mexico, as well as changes to legal immigration programs. Service Employees Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz called Trump's framework "callous and racist". Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, and Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, before he was edged out of that group, which ultimately saw their plan rejected by the President earlier this month.

Ward will be part of a crowded GOP Senate primary field in Arizona in 2018 that will include GOP Rep. Martha McSally, who represents the second congressional district along part of Arizona's southern border, and controversial former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who received a presidential pardon in August 2017. The meat of Trump's proposal is in securing funding for the wall, tightening restrictions on chain migration, and ending the visa lottery.

"This framework provides certainty for families, enacts common-sense reforms to nuclear family sponsorship policy, and protects our nation", Lankford said in a written statement.

Rep. Will Hurd, Texas Republican, and Rep. Pete Aguilar, California Democrat, said Mr. Trump was too ambitious and that the better solution is a narrow bill that protects Dreamers but doesn't do almost as much on immigration policy or border security. The goal is to produce consensus legislation that would be the starting point for Senate debate on immigration, which is expected to begin February 8, said Sens.

KELLY: I was going to ask.

DETROW: And they are the majority in the House.

Despite expecting a legislative solution in the next few weeks, Cotton said that if a deal can't be struck there are other options for not deporting DACA participants that may involve a series of short-term trade-offs.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: All right. NPR's congressional correspondent Scott Detrow, thanks for being here.

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