The Government Has Officially Shut Down. Now What?

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Many hope the shutdown, which comes on the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration, will be short-lived.

The White House also said Saturday they would accept a three-week bill that expires on February 8, but said that immigration should only be dealt with after federal funding is reinstated.

Schumer and many Senate Democrats said they would oppose the stop-gap bill because it did not include a DACA fix. "There's no pressing deadline and no reason for them to abandon talks".

The Democrats blamed Republicans for stalling the entire legislative process and not including permanent protections for the "Dreamers", those almost 800,000 illegal immigrants who arrived in the USA as children and who have been covered under the Obama-era DACA program, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Thus, it's the first time there has been one-party control of the government and employees are not being paid. Vice President Mike Pence and McConnell launched their own attacks on Saturday, pointing the finger the Democrats for shutting down the government over illegal immigration.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said his party took significant steps to reach a deal.

Speaker Ryan's strategy is setting up long-term shutdown that could Republicans the House in November and Donald Trump the White House in 2020.

The Trump administration has already begun sending out furlough notifications and undertook "robust" preparations for a shutdown, senior officials said earlier on Friday evening. "They want to deal on immigration and then they'll think about reopening the government".

Rep. Seth Moulton called for a "new generation of leaders" following the shutdown and remarked on the timing of the funding failure with the one-year anniversary of Trump taking office.

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Only "essential" government employees will report to work while the shutdown is still active.

Until a funding deal is worked out, scores of federal agencies across the country will be unable to operate, and hundreds of thousands of "non-essential" federal workers will be put on temporary unpaid leave.

Political damage could grow quickly if the closure is prolonged. This removed the immediacy and forced the two parties to reach a compromise likely more favorable to Republicans.

"The president can't make a deal and congressional Republicans won't", Schumer said. He accused Democrats of having"a 2-year-old temper tantrum" in insisting on immigration legislation as part of a spending bill".

"They could have easily made a deal but chose to play Shutdown politics instead ..."

However, the Senate could not find the 60 votes necessary to pass it, and so the government shut down.

Five Republicans voted no. They fell 10 votes short.

Trump had been set to leave Friday afternoon for a fundraiser at his estate in Palm Beach, Florida, where he meant to mark the inauguration anniversary.

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