Tom Brady back on Patriots' injury report



So now I think I have a better understanding and perspective on how awesome it is, but at the time I don't know if I really did. He's the franchise quarterback. Indeed, the Eagles have three tight ends they are comfortable going to, including Brent Celek (87) and Trey Burton (88). "You just have to control the emotions and whenever the game starts just unleash them". It's a very unique environment, unique game and you have to be at your best.

"I told the young guys this, you just have to be a professional". I called him before I hit free agency and I said, 'hey, I don't want to waste your time. They will challenge the Patriots' solid cornerbacks, Malcolm Butler (21) and Stephon Gilmore (24).

The Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 14 and the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 19 played in their local market, but neither of those games were actually held in their home stadium. Lots of people also watch the ads, which are expensive. "I don't care that [they didn't bring me back]".

This is the eighth Super Bowl appearance for Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who have won five times - including last year's 34-28 overtime rally against the Falcons. Those are the big highlights I remember. They execute their game plan.

"We'll make sure you're first on the list, too".

For the better part of two decades, Brady and Belichick have dominated this league easily, resulting in five Super Bowl rings as they get set to fight for a sixth at Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota.

Garoppolo made $79,000 for the Patriots' AFC Championship win, and will make $56,000 if they lose or $112,000 if they win the Super Bowl. New Jersey had the most recent one four years ago, the only northern Super Bowl played outside to date.

Ajayi is a key component of the Eagles' ground attack.

The Grudge: The Patriots cast Blount aside after the best season of his career.

Foles and the Eagles are again underdogs, not that it matters. And what happened in that game was the Eagles defense beat Matt Ryan.

"Where I was a year ago I had a bunch of people who were like, 'you're insane leaving the Patriots and you suck, '" Long said. We need to have a little talk. "Like any quarterback you've got to get pressure on him". Gronkowski suffered a concussion in the first half [VIDEO]and was ruled out of the game in the second half. We'll get that out there right away.

"I think they have their strengths, we have ours". This is a team that looks at their own right. The Vikings were hoping to become the first National Football League team to serve as host to a Super Bowl in its own stadium, but they followed up their "Minneapolis Miracle " with a "Flop in Philly". "This is a one-of-a-kind experience that most people are never going to get, so treat it as that", said McNair.

"I've played my brother before, so I'm not anxious about playing former teammates", said Long, who played against his Pro Bowl offensive lineman brother Kyle Long of the Chicago Bears in Week 12.

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