US Democrats accept compromise to end government shutdown

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Greg Nash

21, suggested a "nuclear option" in dealing with the government shutdown, which has lasted the weekend.

The Senate has approved a deal that will put an end to a three-day USA government shutdown.

"We will not negotiate on paying border patrol, the military and TSA in exchange for benefits for illegals", an official said of the group of undocumented immigrants.

They are refusing to back a bill that would temporarily extend funding to government organizations until February 8.

He said the Democrats still want something tangible on DACA but said it was problematic because it could run into the February 8 funding deadline.

But Don Stewart, McConnell's spokesman, said that satisfying Schumer's demand would "take weeks".

While the powers at be inside Trump's White House might feel as though they are getting their point across loud and clear, it has caused some to question its appropriateness. Hence, we are in a Trump shutdown.

The GOP is becoming increasingly confident that Democrats will ultimately blink and vote to end the shutdown amid mounting criticism and blame for the standoff.

The eventual fight over immigration and other matters is certainly a serious one, although perhaps not as weighty as Obamacare in 2013 or the host of issues that Gingrich was fighting for in 1995.

Republicans now control the chamber 51-49.

"Mr. Schumer has to up his game and be more honest with the President of the United States if we are going to be seeing progress", he said.

McConnell has long defended the filibuster.

A senior Republican aide told CNN Monday that McConnell wasn't planning to provide any firmer commitment on immigration than he already has.

"An emerging trend is that Trump and his staff have no idea how to stage photos to make it seem like he's actually working", Huffington Post's Matt Fuller tweeted.

Republican Sens. Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham - who opposed the bill on Friday - are thought to be supportive of the vote, Short said.

A key reason why the White House has not agreed to a deal that would reopen the federal government is that West Wing officials are insisting on almost all of their demands for clamping down on the nation's immigration system, sources inside the White House and Capitol Hill said.

"We need a good bipartisan agreement that allows us to get a good defense number, get a good non-defense number, get a vote on the Dreamers bill and get that done, and deal with the disasters, too", Schumer said.

"If our troops don't get paid during the Schumer Shutdown, I can not in good conscience accept my pay", Kustoff said in a written statement Sunday.

1/21/2018 - 10:05 a.m.

Why did the government shut down? "Negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O", Mr Schumer said.

Lawmakers were mindful that the political stakes would soar Monday morning, when thousands of federal workers would be told to stay home or, in many cases, work without pay. He says the soldiers and their families "shouldn't have to worry about getting paid".

U.S. lawmakers will launch a last-ditch bid Sunday to end a budget impasse before hundreds of thousands of federal workers are forced to start the work week at home with no pay.

Senate Republicans and Democrats failed late on Sunday to reach a compromise to end the shutdown, which began at midnight on Friday as a result of an impasse over negotiations on immigration.

A hardline stance on immigration has been a priority of the Trump administration and support for the popular health care program was a way to lure Democrats to cross over without making concessions on Dreamers.

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