Curling: US siblings win 'family feud' game versus married Russians

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Pyeongchang Winter Olympics: What to watch Thursday

If the teams are tied at the end of the game, play continues for as many ends as may be required to break the tie. Their 9-4 loss to Switzerland on Friday came as a result of the Swiss posting the equivalent of a flawless game in baseball. The schedule is per NBC Olympics and based on Eastern Time rather than local Pyeongchang time.

The team of John Morris of Canmore, Alta. and Winnipeg's Kaitlyn Lawes will go head to head with the US before taking on China and Finland. According to USA Today, Team USA is one of three nations - along with Canada and China - to qualify curlers for all three Olympic competitions.

In the morning session, they lost 3-8 to the Norwegian duo of Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten. A so-called "angle-raised takeout", she knocked out the Canadians' stones and ended up scoring three points in the second end of the match.

After the Russians scored two in the second end, the Americans were held to one in the third for a 4-2 lead.

The Thursday evening set of matches was not without drama thanks to the matchup between the United States and Switzerland despite what appeared to be a lopsided final score.

Photo The Hamiltons are not only competing together at the Games but will represent the United States on their respective four-person men's and women's teams. While OAR got a point back in the sixth off of the power play, their mistakes caught up to them.

The Finns kept the game close until the fifth end when Morris and Lawes collected five, forcing Tomi Rantamaeki and Oona Kauste to shake hands.

Finland's Oona Kauste and Tomi Rantamaeki missed their chance at the first win in PyeongChang by mere inches. And of the eight ends against Canada, seven met the team's standard; one, unfortunately, did not.

There was a smattering of applause for each team as they were announced.

"These two pictures are the same", the Twitter user replied.

He and Becca know that some viewers in the US sit on their couches watching them curl and think they can do it. "We're just going to have to sharpen up a bit for tomorrow to put a few more wins on the board".

Much like the Norway matchup, the beginning ends played out to a dead heap, each team pocketing a point through the first four to bring the score to 2-2. "All the results need to be valid and fair for every team". "It's fast-paced and we're constantly moving back and forth".

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