Jimmy Garoppolo is a Rich Man

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Kirk Cousins is expected to be well compensated.

The previous record was set in September when the Detroit Lions signed quarterback Matthew Stafford to a five-year deal worth $135 million, which is $27 million per year. After installing Garoppolo as the starter, those averages shot up to 29 points and 409.6 yards per game over the final five weeks.

He's completed 67.4 per cent of his passes and thrown for seven touchdowns to five interceptions in his brief stint at the Niners. He has two Super Bowl rings, but those were earned as a backup. Lynch accepted without asking Garoppolo if he was open to signing a contract extension with the 49ers. They didn't want to lose him. Why not bite the bullet and go all in with the guy?

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - With seven starts to his name after sitting behind an National Football League legend for the better part of three years, a promising young quarterback once earned a lucrative contract extension without much of a sample size. The fact is, San Francisco might have gotten off easy.

Garoppolo's first public comment on the contract came via an Instagram picture of him celebrating in a game last season with center Daniel Kilgore, accompanied by a caption that simply said: "Mood".

But if the 49ers didn't pay him like a top-tier quarterback, someone else would have. Garoppolo's average per-year earnings will be the greatest in the league's history, and he is guaranteed $90 million over the next three years, according to ESPN. It just takes a hit with the Garoppolo deal that took place on Thursday afternoon.

The Redskins don't look so stupid for getting Alex Smith for $23 million a season. Somebody will be willing to pay him more than the $27.5 million annually, and he could cross the $30 million per year threshold. Then, the actual big dogs must be paid. Drew Brees needs a new contract.

Here's the deal on Ryan, and Rodgers too.

"More." Aaron Rodgers during his contract negotiations, probably. And that's just both guys being nice.

For Green Bay Packers fans, today's news is worrisome. "But I don't think that weighs on you". Spending in free agency will only tie up their cap and make it hard to re-sign guys like Buckner and Foster in the future. "That's pretty standard fare particularly when we're talking about a high-profile player". Only now, how big will that contract be?

Garoppolo is unlikely to top the salary list for long, though.

The bulk of the rebuild is now over in one year's time, which is incredible. Like Cousins, Garoppolo was set to be a free agent and many speculated if San Francisco would issue the franchise tag on Garoppolo to secure his rights.

Even while making it rain on their quarterback, this deal won't hinder San Francisco from making other moves to improve overall. The remainder of their offseason will be spent building up the talent level on their roster to compete with the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC West next season. I like to investigate every opportunity that comes to me and this one will not go any further. The Denver Broncos are looking for a quarterback that will get the team back to the Super Bowl.

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