Mueller to interview former spokesman of Trump authorized group

James Berglie | TNS | BDN

James Berglie | TNS | BDN

Democrat of Connecticut, Senator Richard Blumenthal called out the "political fortitude" of the Republican bench and said, "If there is a will to move forward, there is a way to do it".

O'Brien wrote: "Speaking from experience, I think the president's attorneys should grab their worry beads".

Dowd gave him that information, Trump - as well as his aides, surrogates, and some Republican members of Congress - has engaged in an unprecedented campaign to discredit specific senior bureau officials and the FBI as an institution.

Second, while there is some ambiguity regarding whether a sitting president can be criminally indicted, legal scholars and analysts generally agree that the Office of Legal Counsel's 2000 memo reaffirming that a president is immune from criminal prosecution while in office still governs the Department of Justice. So the proper remedy for a president credibly accused of obstructing justice is impeachment.

First, obstruction of justice in this case likely would not be charged as a single act. Just because he wanted to fire Mueller and decided not to showed that his intent was to keep the investigation open and ongoing.

Mr. Mueller's team recently notified Mr. Trump's lawyers that the Air Force One statement is one of about a dozen subjects that prosecutors want to discuss in a face-to-face interview of Mr. Trump that is still being negotiated. Of course, this list is based only on publicly available information.

Whether out of fear that Mueller may truly find something - or out of partisan leanings - there have been some Republicans that continue to slam the Russian Federation investigation as a wild goose chase. He then told Comey to "let this go", referring to the investigation of Michael Flynn, who had resigned the previous day as Trump's national security adviser.

Trump, who unsuccessfully asked Comey for a loyalty pledge, dismissed him in May. Mark Corallo had represented Trump's outside lawyers amid the federal and congressional Russia inquiries until he resigned last summer, after revelations about a June 2016 meeting between Trump's son Donald Jr and a group of Russians.

"It's astonishing", Orin Kerr, a former prosecutor and law professor at the University of Southern California told NBC News. The appointment had caused the administration again to lose control over the investigation, and Trump accused Sessions of "disloyalty".

All of which might be enough to persuade Trump to fire Rosenstein, whom the president has regularly criticized. Trump Jr. later posted on Twitter a chain of email correspondence leading up to the meeting that showed he had been promised information that "would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russian Federation and would be very useful to your father".

But privately, there's little for the White House to be so confident about. A few days later, Trump told Lester Holt of NBC News that he ousted Comey because of "this Russian Federation thing", saying the investigation was "a hoax" perpetrated by Democrats to explain his upset election victory.

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