Senate near two-year budget deal with higher defense spending

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The shutdown deadline is the end of the day Thursday.

The move still depends on the House, though, which first needs to vote to pass the budget deal negotiated in the Senate and fund the government. Lawmakers in that chamber were deeply divided along party line and passage was uncertain.

The Democrat leadership has not ordered its members in Congress to oppose the bill, although the party's House leader is against it. If it is, there would be no practical interruption in federal government business. "Last time, we had to have a shutdown".

Paul's objection, if he sticks with it, would force McConnell to wait until 1 vote to take up the budget bill and then another 30 hours for debate before final passage.

Ryan so far has resisted, saying he will only bring up a bill that Trump supports.

The Senate passed a massive, bipartisan deal early Friday morning, that could end a brief government shutdown before most realities of the shutdown actually set in. The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had directed federal agencies to prepare for a lapse in funding.

Some House Republicans, meanwhile, have already objected to the bill on the grounds that it spends way too much money.

The U.S. Capitol is seen in Washington D.C., the United States, on February 8, 2018.

The deal would repeal an Obamacare board charged with controlling health care costs, which has always been criticized by Republicans.

Once known as the party of fiscal conservatism, the Republicans and Trump are quickly expanding the nation's budget deficit and its $20-trillion USA national debt. Some of the increased domestic spending would include the following areas: community health centers, an extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program to ten years, opioid abuse, and infrastructure, including transportation, drinking water and broadband internet access.

With the deadline hours away, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul delayed a vote with a lengthy floor speech railing against what he called out-of-control government spending. Rand Paul called out his fellow Republicans for "hypocrisy" in their budget plan after the GOP criticized President Barack Obama for adding to the USA deficit during his time in office. "I can't in all honesty look the other way". Really who is to blame? "It shows that bipartisanship still lives in Washington and that both parties can work together to address the issues affecting our nation". Even people whom you might expect to vote no ― for example, Freedom Caucus member Gary Palmer (R-Ala.) and former Freedom Caucus member Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) ― were sounding noncommittal either way on Thursday.

This week's chaos on the markets is not the only issue weighing on the USA economy.

On Wednesday, Democratic House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, spoke for a record eight hours on the House floor, calling for a permanent measure that protects the almost 800,000 undocumented people, known as "Dreamers", who were brought to the United States as children.

Paul said that he had spoken to President Trump Thursday afternoon about the situation. Senate Republicans have pledged to hold a separate immigration debate this month.

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