Will Redskins trade Kirk Cousins? Don't hold your breath

Kirk Cousins could land in Denver this offseason

Kirk Cousins could land in Denver this offseason

We have been hearing constant chatter about the Cleveland Browns possibly acquiring a veteran quarterback through free agency and the top names that keep popping up are Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith.

There is zero doubting the talent Cousins, who is 29-years old, possesses, there are several reasons why the chances of him joining the Bills as a free agent are essentially slim-to-none. Will Blake's feelings be hurt? If the Dolphins are looking for a quarterback then a player such as Baker Mayfield could fall if one of those three teams mentioned above sign Cousins.

He's an upgrade. Pure and simple. The trade, initially reported by the Kansas City Star, won't become official until the start of the new league year on March 14. "Even though we go to the combine (first), once we get back to the office after the Super Bowl is over, we'll dig into the free agency side of it", Elway said.

While Smith has averaged 20.9 completions, Cousins has averaged 23.6 and he also has a greater completion percentage.

Cousins isn't as mobile as Bortles, but he does have the edge in rushing touchdowns. However, Smith threw just six interceptions, and Cousins had 13.

But are the Redskins right to be swapping Cousins for Smith?

The breaking news everyone was talking about on Tuesday night, the Washington Redskins have a new quarterback.

It was announced that Washington Redskins were sending cornerback Kendall Fuller and a third-round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs. Washington final ends the drama with Cousins, a relationship that clearly didn't work and left a cloud around the franchise.

The Colts now hold the 3rd overall pick in this year's NFL Draft, and there's always the lingering possibility that a quarterback starved team could trade up to the "three spot" in order to get the guy they truly want starting behind center for the next decade instead of other teams' prospect leftovers.

How are you feeling about the Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins trade? The Redskins have reportedly agreed to a lengthy extension with Smith as part of the deal. National Football League teams knew the Chiefs needed to create cap space, yet Veach created a bidding war for his best commodity and landed a deal better than most expected. They surely can't start next season with McCown as their starter since it's unlikely he'll replicate what he accomplished previous year and even then, is limited in the below-average skill-set he brings to the table.

So, according to Michael Ginnitti, writer and co-founder of Spotrac.com, Cousins will be worth roughly $28.6 million per year once he hits the open market.

How do the Jaguars pay for this?

Eliminating Bortles frees up $19 million in 2018.

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