YouTube Pulled Ads From Logan Paul's Videos After He Tasered Dead Rats

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

YouTube said on February 9, Friday following another controversial and intense video that it has suspended all ads on youtuber Logan Paul's channel.

Logan Paul posted a video where he uses a taser on two dead rats a few times and attempted to perform CPR on a fish that was suffering on dry land... all in the same video. It's estimated that Paul made between $40,000 and $630,000 from his YouTube videos per month, another estimate stated that the 22-year-old was earning approximately $270,000 a month from his videos, or approximately $3.25 million a year.

While the company didn't go into details about the videos it believed exhibited Paul's disturbing "pattern of behavior" to its advertisers and the public, the YouTuber had reportedly published numerous videos recently which easily fall into this category.

Since then, he has posted on Twitter that he will swallow one tide pod for every retweet he gets, a reference to the Tide Pod challenge which doctors have slammed as unsafe.

The video was eventually removed, but many other YouTubers felt that there was a double standard for Paul's videos versus theirs because oif his massive following.

Paul previously faced an uproar after he posted a video on December 31 that showed the body of a man who'd died by suicide in Japan's Aokigahara forest.

Such a move by YouTube will surely take a hit on Paul's bottom line, who made up to $1.2 million a month according to Social Blade before getting taken off YouTube's preferred advertisers list. While that has since been taken down, over 40,000 people retweeted the post.

TechCrunch reports that popular YouTube Star Logan Paul has had advertising revenue on his channel suspended.

After several weeks away from the public eye, Paul posted a vide on his channel on January 24 focused on mental health and pledged to donate $1 million to suicide prevention. Paul asks his two friends in the video, before pulling out a stun gun from his waist and zapping the already-dead rodents.

Neither Paul nor his representatives have commented on YouTube's recent decision.

"Repeatedly, Logan Paul has shown a serious lack of respect, both human and nonhuman", PETA further added.

If Paul continues to violate YouTube's policies, ads could be permanently disabled from his channel, per YouTube's guidelines.

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