A NAFTA deal may come down to political will

A NAFTA deal may come down to political will

A NAFTA deal may come down to political will

The situation isn't helped at all with a protectionist USA president in Donald Trump, who is posing a very real threat to many sectors of Canada's economy, from agriculture to forestry and steel.

The fact that Canada might be hit with tariffs had actually become a leading talking point for critics bashing the Trump plan.

He said he's willing to ramp up the pace of talks to make it happen - to work continuously to achieve a breakthrough, he said.

"We are continuing to push on getting the right deal for Canada, getting the right deal for Canadians, getting the right deal for everyone".

Trudeau spoke with Trump about the closing of the latest round of NAFTA negotiations in Mexico City, flagging the progress that had been made in this seventh round of talks while expressing concerns about the threat of tariffs.

A federal government source with knowledge of the trade file said, however, that if the USA does impose the tariffs, Canada's reaction will be swift, and suggested a list of targeted actions is being considered.

In planned USA discussions with Canada, Mexico and all other countries that produce steel, "we need to address global excess capacity", the official said. Massive relocation of companies and jobs.

Trump signed the proclamations just hours after 11 other countries formalized a revised agreement in Chile that reduces tariffs and cuts trade barriers among the member countries.

"Also, Canada must treat our farmers much better". Canada is the top supplier of both to the USA, with $15 billion a year in combined sales. "Millions of people addicted and dying".

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he recognizes the risk of retaliation against the USA for steel and aluminum tariffs the Trump administration plans to impose but still believes the move will benefit American workers.

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce has estimated the tariffs could impact about 40,000 jobs in steel, aluminum and related industries in the city.

House Speaker Paul Ryan today from his previous call to drop the proposed tariffs outright in favor of a more measured and concentrated approach on countries that abuse the current system.

He called Trump's statements "sabre-rattling" and said he's not putting much stock in them until he sees specifics.

As our economy grows through tax reform, we should focus on opening more markets around the world.

The stated that the association agrees with the president's overall idea to create a thriving domestic aluminum industry but does not side with Trump on the current all-encompassing proposal.

A full-court diplomatic press unfolded in recent days, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling Trump earlier this week, and then speaking Thursday with the Republican leaders of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The price of oil, one of Canada's major exports, rose along with the US stock market on forecasts for robust oil demand growth. Navarro said on CNN's "State of the Union" program that there would be no spared procedure for distinct cases where we need to have dispensation so that business could advance in a fair manner.

The Trump administration launched a Section 232 investigation previous year into the impact of imported steel and aluminium on the U.S.' national security. Each day, nearly $2 billion changes hands in trade between us, and 400,000 people travel between our two countries.

The EU prepared a $3.45 billion list of USA goods to be targeted in retaliation - including US steel and agricultural products like rice, orange juice and cranberries.

Trade politics often cut along regional, rather than ideological, lines, as politicians reflect the interests of the hometown industries and workers.

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